Best All Around Shotgun: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best All Around Shotguns - Featured Image

To choose a best all around shotgun is a difficult proposition. So many different ideas exist surrounding the concept of what a shotgun is, that it’d be a real challenge to tell people what they should buy, when so many already have such varied ideas as to what makes sense.Nevertheless, there are some special shotguns … Read more

Best .410 Shotgun: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best .410 Shotgun

This is an article about the best 410 shotgun on the market. It needs very little introduction and very little overview, because the .410 has been bred into the best niche, yet mainstream caliber in the shotgun market.It is both a perfect shotgun for new shooters and youth, but also a perfect shotgun for many … Read more

Best Single Shot Shotgun: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Single Shot Shotguns

You don’t buy a single shot shotgun for the practicality of it. You buy a single shot shotgun for the beauty, sophistication and the love of the sport. They aren’t even that practical for the most part in a lot of “typical” hunting scenarios. But they are a beloved format. What follows should serve as a very … Read more

Best Pump Shotgun: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Pump Shotgun

The best pump shotgun is a shotgun that ticks all the boxes for a given use case. In this list of mainstream shotguns, we make a case for the following 9 guns (6 specialized use cases and 3 honorable mentions) as the best available pump shotguns on the market. Generally, this list is caliber/gauge agnostic, as … Read more

Best Semi Auto Shotgun: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Semi Auto Shotgun

We’ve got a list for semi-auto shotgun enthusiasts that we think segments the market well, to help you find your next favorite semi-auto shotgun based on your specific needs. This is that list. We are showcasing the best semi-automatic shotguns on the market. Because these types of shotguns are so prevalent and because each type of … Read more