The Best Assault Rifle Style Firearms That A Civilian Can Buy

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Table of Contents What is an assault rifle?What are some other classical assault rifles?The best assault rifle style firearms that a civilian can buy This article tackles a loaded topic: the conversation about the misnomer “assault rifle”. There will be some reviews of centerfire semi-automatic rifles available to the general public, but we do take … Read more

HK P2000 review: The Better USP Compact

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The HK P2000 is a polymer framed semi auto pistol available in both 9mm and .40 S&W. Designed for  law enforcement and concealed carry market, the P2000 comes equipped with a number of advanced design features that make it stand out from the competition. Our HK P2000 review will cover the most important ones, while … Read more

CZ 75D PCR review: The Compact which is Hard to Find!

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Handgun Review: CZ 75D PCR See Best Price ErgonomicsWhile the back strap is fixed, the lines work well for shooters with different hand sizes. Additionally, it has a low bore access. AccuracyWith terrific sights and trigger, even a novice shooter can impress everyone at the range ReliabilityWorks with everything from cheap range ball ammo to … Read more

Best All Around Shotgun: Buying Guide & Reviews

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To choose a best all around shotgun is a difficult proposition. So many different ideas exist surrounding the concept of what a shotgun is, that it’d be a real challenge to tell people what they should buy, when so many already have such varied ideas as to what makes sense.Nevertheless, there are some special shotguns … Read more

Best Over Under Shotgun: Buying Guide & Reviews

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Choosing the best over under shotgun can be a chore – at its core, the O/U shotgun is a simple firearm, but the nuance that comes from the market offerings makes it sometimes difficult to choose a particular gun. This article should help to group some over and under shotguns and give you options based … Read more

Stoeger Condor Competition Over and Under Shotgun review

Stoeger Condor Competition Over and Under Shotgun review

Handgun Review: Stoeger Condor Competition Check Price at Brownells at Basspro at Cabela’s ErgonomicsAdjustable comb and palm swells provide variances for the comfort of different sized shooters. Availability of two different calibers also offers an opportunity for use by those who are recoil sensitive. The only complaint is that at just under 9 pounds and … Read more

CZ 75 SP-01 Review: The Tactical Choice!

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Handgun Review: CZ 75 SP-01 Check Price at Brownells at Cabela’s ErgonomicsIt is easy to carry and is probably the best on the market for a full sized pistol promoted as a combat pistol AccuracyThe full body grip makes it simple to handle and precise to mark ReliabilityYou’ll have no issues here as it functions … Read more