Glock 19X review: The Company’s First Crossover, a 19 on Steroids

Handgun Review: Glock 19X

Glock 19X review


As with the standard models of the G5 series, the additional backstraps that come included are a real blessing to the versatility of comfort for this pistol. Additionally, the removal of the finger grooves and more subtle grip texturing make the gun custom to fit for a majority of shooters out there. Both large and small handed shooters are put on an even standing with the G5’s grip redesign. Lefties in particular will also find the slide controls available to them a new and welcomed feature, though one they may have to get used to if raised and trained on all previous Glock models. For those who find the 19 series a bit too small to be comfortable, this should really improve fit feel and performance with a compact length barrel.


This pistol offers all the same on target benefits as the regular model Gen5 19, however the increased grip surface offers more to hold on to when firing rapidly. This combined with the dual recoil spring makes follow up shots easy and on target: the primary reason, after capacity, for having a larger, or full sized grip on what is otherwise a compact sized pistol.


The 19x is among the most recent offering from a company that is built upon a reputation for dependability in performance. That said, the technology of the components (a 19 upper on a 17 lower) is well established and there is no reason to cast doubts upon this model’s reliability. In fact, with the expanded grip surface, the possibility of “limp wristing” or losing control over the pistol and inadvertently causing a jam is, if anything, reduced.


Sights and triggers kits became available almost immediately and most sights for the Gen 3 and Gen 4 have no problem being put onto the G5. The real customization out of the box remains, as with the latest two generations from Glock, the extra backstraps. Those, along with the ability to switch the magazine release for southpaws really make the G5 one of the most adaptable service pistols on the market. What the 19x brings to the table is increased comfort for large handed southpaws.


It looks like a boxy Glock with a big handle. …and it is brown. This company does not seem concerned with winning any beauty contests. Instead it has always focused on dependable performance. In that regard, the pistol is probably a 4.5 or better because it is “pretty on the inside.” Looks canb distract us from underlying flaws in design that we excuse because we are smitten by how a gun looks. When the chips are down, bling gets us nowhere. A loaded Glock can perhaps take us anywhere. The 19x kit offers to do it with 45 (19 + 19+ 17) or more rounds.


Alongside the target, or competition pistols, the 19X is among the most expensive model that Glock offers, but as mentioned above, market competition helps bring it down from manufacturer’s suggested benchmarks. Still it is not a cheap pistol. That said, those who intend to work in the fields this pistol was designed for would not want a cheap pistol. Certainly, one can get a standard 19 to operate like a 19X, but not without voiding some of the warranties or spending more money in the long run. This pistol is ready to rock out of the box.

The 19X was clearly designed with a US Military contract in mind.  Mounting a 19 upper upon a full sized 17 frame makes clear declarations that the intention of this firearm is NOT concealed carry but rather delivering maximum capacity in a light weight and effective package.  Add to it the first ever factory coyote brown (FDE) improved nPVD coated slide and the pistol seems to just yell military service.

The X offers all the new features of the Gen 5 including a lack of finger grooves, flared magazine well and fully ambidextrous controls and the Glock Marksman barrel, which offers an increased promise of accuracy in all Gen 5 pistols.  Add to this a provision for a lanyard loop and comes standard with a flush 17 round magazine and two 19 round mags.  Some early models were even rumored to be equipped with a manual safety to answer the provision demanded by the US military, the feature is removed from current commercial models.

Glock 19X -3

The Glock 19X is intended to provide all the features the modern service personnel requires while being as compromising to individual shooter’s needs for ease of use.  While CCW users clamor for a 19 frame with a 17 length slide giving increased sight plane and decreased printing, the 19X is for open service, not civilian discretion.

Glock 19X review: How Does it Shoot?

With increased grip surfaces, the 19x eliminates any complaints of hand crowding that large framed shooters may have had working the compact frame of the 19.  The Marksman Barrel by Glock that comes standard on all Gen5 models offers the latest in polygonal accuracy: lead bullets are still a no-no but that matters little since most indoor ranges require jacketed rounds and virtually all performance and defensive ammunition is also jacketed.

Some may debate the half inch the 19 loses to the 17 barrel length negatively affects the accuracy and energy of the round, but for the anticipated use of the 19x, the loss in sight radius and energy is negligible if noticeable at all.  In other words, it really does nothing negative for typical handgun defensive ranges while maintaining a compact design that fits well in a load bearing vest that may already be crowded with other necessities (like ammo).

Is it Still Reliable?

The fact that Glock lost the US military contract to Sig Sauer’s new P320 series begs the question whether the new Glock lives up to its predecessors’ reputations.  Other factors played into a political and bureaucratic scenario than merely performance (cost being another factor and Glock’s long time reluctance to employing a manual safety were doubtless other considerations).  The civilian market, however, provides plenty of R&D to prove the pistol’s worthiness of the Glock name, and thus far, the 19X has been met with high praise from competitive, tactical and service member users.

Can it be Dressed Up?

As the first production pistol to come from Glock with a manufacturer applied coating to the slide, one wonders if the gun is meant to be dressed up.  After all, part of the point of owning a 19X is letting people know it is a 19X rather than a customized Glock.  All the accessories that fit on the G5 model 19 (or 17 for that matter) fit which includes sight upgrades; laser, light, combo for the accessory rails, and whatever trigger options that are now available for the Gen 5.  Also, as has been standard since the G4, 4 additional backstraps are provided, including two with extended beaver tails, to accommodate virtually any sized shooter.

Glock 19X -2

How Does it Look?

In the hand, the 19x looks like any other Glock 19 seen before, in the box it is obvious the handle is somewhat supersized.  The Coyote Brown has an improved finish that resists wear and tear.  But at the end of the day, it is still a boxy Glock: anyone wanting an aggressive looking super pistol may be left feeling disappointed.  Anyone looking for a high capacity work horse with the capability and reputation to work through all sorts of abusive scenarios will not.  Glock has made itself recognized for performance not glamor, and most consumers have embraced that wholeheartedly: with a Glock it is what is on the inside that counts.


Lipsey’s MSRP $707, Online $590

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price may dissuade many shooters away from a 19X when a G5 19 can be had for more than a c note less, but online competition helps keep market prices down.  Still, the 19X does bring additional features to the table, including the not black color and two 19 round magazines.  For those looking for a hard driving tactical pistol with more grip surface, the X delivers.

Glock 19X review: Conclusion

Glock 19X was designed for military service and it shows.  It is not a nightstand gun, nor is it a carry concealed option.  It is designed to see lots of use and probably very little maintenance in the meantime. For those who depend on their sidearm in life or death scenarios, it is difficult to find a reason to discount this model as a top choice. For those looking to target shoot or need concealability, it is easier to suggest one of the other models.

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