CZ Redhead Premier Target Review: A star of the all-purpose Over/Under shotguns

CZ Redhead Premier Shotgun

CZ Redhead Premier Review

Hello and welcome to my CZ Redhead Premier review.

By virtue of being the least banned firearm in perhaps all the world, the double-barreled, sporting shotgun is one of the most prolific globally as well.

Long associated with the pass times of aristocracy or economic elite, the increasing number of shooting clubs that are open to the public with out prohibitive membership dues has increased with the number of new enthusiasts looking to explore the sport.

Whether this is a which came first: the chicken or the egg, scenario, the result is the same: many people are looking for a good shotgun that will not break the bank.

CZ (Ceska Zbrojovka) has a virtual globe filled with competitors but has consistently done an admirable job in standing out when it comes to affordably priced sporting shotguns while offering features that are common to products costing twice as much or more from their competition.

European gun makers pioneered the over under shotgun system for the social and economical elite in the fields of France, mountains of Bavaria or the Highlands of Scotland.

Today, shooting clays as well as upland birding is a hobby or sport that is more popular with people from a wide array of backgrounds with an even wider understanding of firearms history and applications.

All this makes a prime testing ground for the latest in modern shotgun platforms.

Since the 1930s CZ has been pioneering independent gun designs as well as manufacturing some of the finest quality sport rifles and shotguns available in Europe. Today that effort continues with their different lines of utilitarian and aesthetically wonderful firearms that are distributed world-wide.

The star of the all-purpose, over/under series of shotguns is the CZ Redhead.

Following a tradition of naming models after game birds, it is tempting to nickname this model the “Ginger”: it is absolutely gorgeous, is full of pleasant surprises and can dish out shot like no one’s business.

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Easy on the eyes and feels great in the hands, the people at CZ know what is desired in a well-rounded birding and clay gun.

When they redesigned this model they did it with a single piece, CNCed receiver for a strong lock up that is ready for action from the word “pull!” or the rush of feathers taking wing.

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In fact, the solid receiver block is a source of many remarks and reviews anticipating its rugged durability capable of being capable of delivering tens of thousands of shells.

The Turkish walnut furniture with laser cut checkering gives the feel of aristocratic privilege without the need to suck the wealth out of the peasants in oppressive taxes.

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The specially fitted Monte Carlo style stock keeps the gun firmly against the shoulder while keeping the field of vision clear for staying doggedly on target.  

The solid mid height rib offers traditional design lines while offering the more pertinent line of sight that is well suited for both trap and clays or game birds, making this a truly versatile target and hunting gun in one package.

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The white bead demands focus on the target while the barrels, available in either 26” and 28” (or 30” for the premier target model), give enough velocity and range to the selected shot. Chambers are 3” for use of all the common birdshot and clay load and equally functional with the more common 2.75” shotshells.

This gun package also comes with a set of five extended choke tubes for additional versatility in purpose application of this model.

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Nor does CZ ignore young shooters or participants of small stature: while the 12 gauge is the ubiquitous gauge of choice it is not always the most favored, so a 20 gauge model is available so those who are recoil sensitive can shoot all day with everyone else.

Both 12 gauge and 20 gauge models are equipped not with extractors but with independent, auto ejectors to throw those empty shells free in rapid stages or when an entire flock takes flight and there is a large bag limit. While the positive action of the empties clearing the chambers, shooters familiar with only extractors may be surprised, but are quickly thrilled to have the gun do the work of clearing the chambers for them.

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All in all, the CZ Redhead Premier model shotgun is a solidly constructed piece of hardware that offers traditional styling and to casual and even detailed inspection suggests being on par with shotguns easily costing twice as much and more.

The construction, furniture and strength of the action show all the hallmarks of being a firearm that will be prized as a family heirloom cherished by each succeeding generation in turn.

The only common detrimental remark of the gun is that it appears to be too much a multi-purpose shotgun. (hmm)

If a trap gun is desired there are o/u shotguns fitted with more appropriate sight ribs.

If a hunting gun is what the customer is looking for, there are models available that are a bit lighter to give less wear on the hunter carrying it through fields all day. As far as complaints go, however, there are worse things.

The Redhead (Ginger!) may not be the best at any one activity in the sporting shotgun community but is ready to be on hand for the consumer looking to try all the sports without having to buy a different gun for each.​

The fact that it is beautiful enough to be the envy of everyone else at the range is just an added bonus.

CZ firearms continue to offer some of the best gun designs to come out of Europe and their American affiliate, CZ-USA, is a proud distributor of those designs.

If there is a question, they will get the answer. If there is a problem, they will get to the solution. If there is a beautiful gun that is also wonderfully reliable in function and endurance, they have it.

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Hopefully, this CZ Redhead Premier review will help you in your decision. If you want a review for any gun, feel free to leave a comment below!

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