CZ 75D PCR review: The Compact which is Hard to Find!

Handgun Review: CZ 75D PCR



While the back strap is fixed, the lines work well for shooters with different hand sizes. Additionally, it has a low bore access.


With terrific sights and trigger, even a novice shooter can impress everyone at the range


Works with everything from cheap range ball ammo to defensive rounds


Falls short here, you’ll find plenty of grips but not many holsters.


Steel body is replaced with an aluminum frame and a rubber grip


It comes in at $599, but can be hard to find and that’s annoying.

The CZ brand of pistols has a diehard following the world over; they feature full size firearms along with a compact and subcompact category of DA/SA pistols.

One pistol which you’ll find hard to get your hands on is the CZ 75D PCR, it’s quite hard to find as those who have it do not want to part ways with it.

This isn’t a boring version of the same poly sticker, its perfection with a double action system. Yes, it’s obvious that we love this weapon but what makes us such huge fans of this beauty? Let’s find out:

CZ 75D PCR - 2

A Bit of Background

The CZ 75D PCR is an evolved version of CZ 75 Compact. It was specifically designed for police officers – the acronym PCR stands for ‘Police Czech Republic’.

It replaced the CZ P-01, but much of the design was carried over. However, the P-01 is a full size pistol with a 1913 rail on the dust cover. Other than that, the PCR has the same operating system as the P-01.

Despite the original intentions, the gun caught fame and is still by public. Some even consider it one of the best guns for safety to have come out of Europe.

The overall look and feel of the gun will remind you of other popular guns coming from CZ .

Build and Construction

CZ 75D PCR - 3

Let’s start by telling you that the PCR has the same barrel as the CZ 75 Compact, in many ways it also has the same dimensions as well.

Its barrel length is 3.75 inches, the dimensions are 7.24”x5.03”x1.38”.

You will find that the pistol comes with a black rubber grip. If you find it too thick or uncomfortable then worry not, as you can swap it for a thin grip. This will bring the width down to 1.25 inches.

With a classic CZ beavertail, it allows a high and tight grip which makes it very comfortable to hold – you almost feel like the gun is a part of you.

The CZ 75D PCR has a 14+1 magazine capacity in the 9mm series; you won’t find this pistol in a .40 S&W model. In the United States, however, you will find a 10 round version of this gun, this restricts magazine capacity.

Let’s pick it up, the first thing you note is how well balanced it feels in your palms. Some may find it a little heavy but you will get used to it.

If you’ve read our previous reviews, you’ll find that CZ usually makes full metal body pistols. The CZ 75D PCR, however, has an all-aluminum frame which drops the carry weight to 27.5 ounces empty.

It comes with standard sights; the bad news is that you don’t get night sights. But, if you look around hard enough a lot of aftermarket suppliers will be happy to sell you some.

With the CZ 75D PCR, you get an 8 to 9 pounds trigger in double action mode and a 4 to 5 pounds trigger in the single action mode.

We suggest that you go for the double action option as it is much better.

Safety & Features

The CZ 75D PCR is equipped with a de-cocking lever; you will have to de-cock it before you holster it.

Once done, the trigger will pull much as it does on all double action guns.

You won’t need to flip the safety lever off; in the field, the longer and heavier trigger pull will carry you through the first round.

A great addition to this pistol is the rubber grip panel; you will not find serrated front and back straps on any other CZ model.

We think they greatly improve handling!

Another great plus is the loaded chamber indicator which will tell you when it is time to reload the magazine.

CZ 75D PCR Review: Performance & Operation

CZ 75D PCR - 4

On the shooting range, the PCR will consume all the 9mm rounds you can throw at it. Once done, it’ll ask for more!

Feed it and keep on going. The gun can go for a few hours without any trouble.

It has a 115 grain by 124 grain of brass lacquer coated steel with a poly coated steel frame. When you recoil it, you’ll find the muzzle to be just a tad bit snappier than it is on a full size 9mm.

Don’t worry, this is expected on a gun with the same specs as the CZ 75D PCR.

The beveled magazine performs well in terms of speed. Reloading will not take you too long.

Even though the magazine can hold 14 rounds on the range we’d recommend you practice using 10 load rounds.

You’ll find the springs to be strong but some users may find it a little heavy on the thumbs. However, things will get better after a little use.

In terms of accuracy, the gun is a total winner. You only need to follow through after you’ve pulled on the trigger.

We’ve talked about the sights before as well, it has wide, standard three dotted sights the company is popular for.

If you don’t like these there are plenty of aftermarket options you can go for.

Now, with all that you might just think there are no downsides, well we found one.

The base plate of the magazine extends just a bit over the bottom of the magwell. You might find it difficult to adjust to this if you have large hands.

Some Other Things You Should Know About the CZ 75D PCR

CZ 75D PCR - 5

This gun was originally designed for the Czech Police. Previously they used the P-01, the PCR replaced that model.

It is as big as the much-loved CZ 75 Compact, however due to its forged aluminum frame it weighs a full 1/4 pounds lighter.

This makes it easier to carry around.

You will find more similarities between PCR and P-01 as they both use the same alloy frame. The only difference is that it doesn’t support the same light rail.

This change to the PCR’s design makes it easier to conceal. This can be great because there are times when you do not want to reveal your weapon. Plus, the small size also makes it easier to carry and keep. No more struggling to find a safe corner to keep your weapon.

Finding the right holster for this gun will not be much of a challenge either. Many providers offer holsters for this one so look around and you will easily find something that suits your taste.

CZ 75D PCR Review: What Do We Think About It?

Let’s face it, this is a great gun for both veteran and novice shooters. We used it for a number of days and did not find any issue with this one. It does exactly what a gun its size is supposed to do. You will be impressed with how easy it is to use. The precision it offers is also one of its strongest points.

Its redesign improves on almost all aspects of the original CZ 75 design even though a lot of you folks out there might just view the de-cocker as a downgrade, think of it as a traditional safety measure.

The trigger can be a bit difficult to use in the beginning. Give it some time and it will fall into place.

In this day and age, when most gun lovers rave about the poly frame handgun, it’s good to know that CZ is still making their guns the traditional way. Even their poly frame pistols are based on the 75 series models.

In short, the C 75 is for the old fashion shooter and works great.

The CZ 75D PCR takes what works great and makes it even better!

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