CZ 75 Review: The Steel Framed Czech Pistol which is better than a Steel Framed American Pistol!

Handgun Review: CZ 75

CZ-75 pistol


Loses a point because of its long and heavy double action trigger


Sights are small, air between the rear and front sight makes it possible to make mistakes


It passed the ultimate reliability test - bore all the cheap Tula steel cases we could muster


Being a rail less gun, customization options are limited


Steel body with a polycoat finish makes it stand out


You can get yours for the same price you would expect to pay for a Glock

A true classic, CZ 75 is in use all around the world. Made famous by the military, this hammer-forged barrel beauty might be the addition you are looking for.

The definitive design coupled with a solid frame gives this gun an edge over similar weapons out there. However, this one is more than just looks. It hits the jackpot in other departments as well as this gun is an all rounder.

CZ-75B in Glossy Blue

CZ-75B in Glossy Blue

In this CZ 75 review, we are going to look it over inside out and give you a true picture of this beauty. Want to know the pros and cons and if it is worth a purchase?

Let’s get started:

A Bit of History

When you think of guns, your mind automatically goes to gun designers like Samuel Colt, Eugene Stoner, and Mikhail Kalashnikov. However, there is one more name that often makes it to the list, especially when we talk about European designers and that’s Koucky Brothers, Josef and František Koucký.

The duo has given us some amazing designs and is known to introduce something unique with each product.

Known for designing machine guns and semi-automatic rifles, they took their hands at pistols as well and gave us one of Europe’s best guns in the form of CZ 75.

Interestingly enough the brothers were given complete freedom and autonomy to design the pistol which was rare considering they designed it during the height of the Soviet Union (1970s).

This is one of the major reasons why it took the pistol nearly two decades to reach the US.

On the downside, it had no copyright protection and was easily copied, so look out for counterfeits that are still pretty common.

Now, let’s get on with it and know a bit more about this pistol in my CZ 75 review:

Build and Construction


The most notable of its features is probably its steel body. This Czech 9mm pistol has a highly durable body. The country has produced several versions of the gun and they all have a similar construction but you may find some to be very heavy at about 1,285 grams. Plus, some early models also offered adjustable weights.

Despite the weight, it is remarkably easy to hold, offering easy grip. Plus, you will find it extremely easy to use as well as it has been designed very carefully. All controls are in the reach and you will not have to waste a lot of time getting used to this unit.

Its steel body and solid construction make it one of the longest lasting pistols on the market today. Once you get the gun, it will be with you for a good few years.

You’d be surprised to know that the CZ 75 pistol supports a short-recoil which is operated by a semi-auto function. Most pistols build around this time were not this dependable and ergonomic. So, how does this offer such features? This is probably because the brothers used John Browning’s linkless cam locking system and built the weapon around it.

Last but not least, the CZ 75 slides ride inside its frame rails like most traditional semi-automatic guns. This is one of the main reasons why the designers were able to lower the bore, making the weapon more accurate.

Safety Features & Magazines

CZ 75 supports a manual thumb lock which is mounted to the frame. The position of the lock is great, and you will have no difficulty in reaching it no matter in what situation you are.

It engages once the pistol is in single action which allows for a safe cocked and locked. However, it will disengage once the hammer is down and the pistol is in double action mode.

You will also find that there is a half cock position in which you can safely de-cock your pistol.

Another feature which makes this pistol a premium choice for gun lovers all over the world is its magazines, let’s review a bit first.

The semi-auto was one of the first of its kind to utilize a staggered-column, high capacity magazine. It can carry anything up to 26 rounds.

To put that into perspective, most pistols in the same league support only 10 rounds at a time. Hence, with this beauty, you will not have to worry about having to change the magazine every now and then.

Performance & Operation

This is where this 9×19mm Parabellum gun shines!

It is highly accurate which is a major reason why it is very popular among competitive shooters. Plus, it is still universally trusted by law enforcement agencies.

We’d also like to point out something a bit more important here; there have been till date over three dozen variants of the CZ 75 gun. So you need to know what’s out there and what to look for exactly.

The original CZ 75 supports a front blade and a rear square notch sights. However, newer models come with a tritium low profile and features which are fully adjustable including night sight.

Be on the lookout for more premium builds as you search the market for your CZ 75. 

Out on the range, you’ll find that the CZ 75 is probably one of the softest shooting guns out there. The recoil and muzzle rise is minimal and the inherent design of the gun with all that metal construction is responsible for its low coil and muzzle rise.

CZ-75B Rude Model

CZ-75B Rude Model

Newer models, popularly known as CZ 75b, where B means block, also offer different sights configurations, including adjustable target sights, night sights, and a standard luminescent 3 dot sight.

Its double action trigger is long and heavy and certainly impressive. You will surely enjoy using it even if you have previously used different guns.

Single action trigger is also a beast, smooth with a short take up. It allows for a clean break. Since there is no wall before the break, it leads to optimum trigger control.

CZ 75 review: Holsters

Needless to say, a classy gun needs a good holster, for something as heavy and reliable as the CZ 75 you’d want a holster that’s solid.

There are countless options to choose from; for instance, have a look at the AlienGear Holsters for your CZ 75 they have a collection of ultra-functional holsters which are affordable and support your firearm just fine.

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated, you can always go for a Bianchi 5 Black Widow.

Some other good options include Galco and Tagua.

While this gun is great, keep in mind that it’s bigger than similar units and even the lightest one will weigh about 1.7 pounds with an empty magazine. This is why it is important to be careful when selecting a holster. Don’t go for an option that ends up causing you difficulties.

What do we think so far?

Let’s be honest, the CZ 75 is a class apart. It can be a great gun for experienced and new users. However, excessive air between the front sight and rear sight posts can make some new shooters uncomfortable. It may take you a while to adjust to this.

While it's great, there is a major downside. The rest is a little too long and the trigger waits to be fully released until it's allowed to reset. This may irritate some experienced users but it may benefit new players.

It has a solid, well-built body and even though it has a heavy frame it’s comfortable to hold and handle. We’ve also mentioned how highly accurate it is on the range.

One thing though – it lacks a rail on the standard models, having said that we’ve looked into the gun’s functionality and even though that is a point very few police and military forces will issue handgun lights or even light bearing holsters.

To sum up the CZ 75 is dependable, tough and ergonomic.

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