CZ 75 Compact Review: The Steel Framed Czech Pistol for the fanboys!

Handgun Review: CZ 75 Compact

CZ 75 Compact


Probably the best in the market because of its easy to hold grip and angel


The holding angel and the target results make it precision ready and accurate


It passed the ultimate reliability test – the maximum reloads on the range and up to 10 shooting barrels


Being a rail less gun, customization options are limited


Steel body with a polycoat finish in black and wood (optional) makes it stand out


You can get yours for the same price you would expect to pay for a 1911

Many people believe that CZ 75 Compact is one of the most well-known guns all over the world. It is, in fact, among the most widely copied 9mm guns out there. But, is it worth it? We’ll answer that.

In this CZ 75 Compact review, we are going to look over this little marvel and all the reasons why it’s the go to choice for all you out there.

Let’s get started:

A Bit of Background

CZ 75 Compact - 1

CZ models, originally introduced in the European market, have become quite popular in the US. The US has become one of the largest handgun markets but most people here appear to be in love with compact guns, which is believed to be the reason why the company came up with CZ 75 Compact.

Build and Construction

Let’s start by saying out the name right – ‘Ceska Zbrojovka’ or the CZ 75 Compact is a single action model.

It’s a smaller version of the CZ 75 we reviewed earlier.

To be exact, the CZ 75 Compact is 3/4 inches shorter in length than its big daddy the CZ 75!

Essentially, it’s a double stack 9mm gun which will give the shooter 14+1 rounds of capacity, where we come from that’s a commander sized package to go for.

CZ 75 Compact - 3

It features an all steel and to top it; it has a hammer forged steel barrel that is pretty durable.

The gun offers a pretty comfortable grip which makes it suitable for people who have small hands.

So now that we are holding one, let’s look around a bit. Turn it over and you’ll notice a staggered double stack column. Look closely and you’ll find space for a magazine with high capacity. Overall, this compact version is a pretty tightly fitted gun.

With just a peek inside you will find that the compact version has stripped to the bare minimum – in other words, this is a gun ready for action!

One of the best things about this beauty is the slide. It does not ride outside the frame rails but inside. This is great because it makes for improved recoil. Other than this, it provides for a great slide-to-frame fit which works well with its incredible barrel lock up.

All this leads to better accuracy and precision. Similarly, the slide rides lower; we were a bit surprised by that as you will find this feature on very few most double action guns out there.

Again, this is a compliment to the builder. The design offers excellent control as it reduces the leverage available to the muzzle to flip or rise. The compact is the softest shooting pistol in the CZ 75 line.

Safety & Features

Safety is of huge importance, whether you’re a new shooter or someone with a lot of experience with guns. Thankfully, this beauty scores brownie points in this regard.

This CZ model features a manual safety lever which will provide you with essentially two carry options, that’s something considering that this compact version is made for just the basics.

It features a hammer back with the safety on for single action operations.

Alternatively, you can manually decock it for a double action first shot, we’d say by that point you’d know that you don’t need to worry about taking the safety off before firing in this mode.

With this weapon in your hand, you will never go wrong. However, make sure to be careful when using it and take good aims.

Performance & Operation

CZ 75 Compact - 2

Let’s put the CZ 75 Compact through a shooting evaluation!

All in all, once you’ve shot a few rounds on the range you will find that the gun is quite easy to use and you will not feel stuck at any given moment.

The magazine loads easily and the slide goes into the battery every single time with each round, similarly the recoil for loads is supporting as well.

The one thing which you will note especially are the gun’s charted results which speak for themselves. Even with a novice shooter the results are pretty awesome!

As for the CZ 75 Compact’s accuracy, you will find that precision from over 25 yards on a range for a number of factory loads is pretty respectable when compared to others on the market.

From various testing results, there are no bullet nose hang ups on the feed ramp, ejection of fired cases is positive, and, of course, to top it the accuracy is pretty good.

An added advantage is that you can get a model with a night sight as well. This can be a good option for people who want to shoot when it’s dark. You never know when you may need your weapon.

CZ 75 Compact review: Features Summary

  1. Has a soft recoil that comes with improved recoil control
  2. Durable and reliable high strength steel barrel that is hammer forged
  3. Has the ideal grip angle and is easy and comfortable to hold
  4. Low bored axis with a design which aids trigger reach
  5. Quick reset means you will not feel anxious or irritated
  6. Durable construction with a tight barrel
  7. You won’t need to worry about pressing the trigger in order to field strip – easy disassembly and reassembly

Some Other Things to Know About

CZ 75 Compact - 4

While not the most important factor, we love the fact that it comes with a 5-year limited warranty. This is great because you will have the warranty to fall back on in case the gun malfunctions. However, based on our experience, the weapon is quite reliable and will not create problems for you.

Another great advantage of the gun is the ease it offers in terms of handling. You can use it for an extended period of time without complaining of pain or discomfort due to its plastic, ergonomic handle.

The dimensions are also quite impressive (5.03"x1.39"x7.24") and the beauty weighs just above 38 oz. You will not have to struggle to find a place to store the gun. It is small and can easily fit into tiny boxes.

It has 2 steel, drop free magazines with 15 rounds. You will also enjoy the double-single action trigger. We loved the overall experience when we went to the range to give it a try.

This 9mm caliber gun with a barrel length of 3.75" can be a good option for people who want a weapon that is easy to conceal. It can also be a good pick if you have no previous experience with guns. This one is small and quite easy to handle. Hence, you will face no difficulty in mastering the art of shooting.

What Do We Think About It?

Let’s be honest, the CZ 75 Compact was introduced by the company to match the demand in the US for concealed arms. But, over the years it has created a following of its own.

However, it’s not the only one on the market, there are local made options as well.But, it sure does earn a few extra points with its classy steel finish and extra shiny exterior.

The size is close to perfect for a defensive carry on pistol and with the right holster to match you’ll feel confident. Whenever we talk about this gun, we usually discuss the look and size, but it has a lot more to offer, especially in terms of performance.

Like the CZ 75, it’s easy to hold with a comfortable grip overall. We’ve also mentioned how highly accurate it is on the range.

One thing though – if you are in the market for a heavy duty pistol which gets you the look and gets noticed this probably isn’t the right for you.

To sum up, the CZ 75 Compact is the perfect carry on self-defense pistol.

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