CZ 2075 RAMI BD 9MM Review: The Sub Compact made for Concealed Carry!

Handgun Review: CZ 2075 RAMI BD 9MM



Loses a point for its small rubber grip that some users may not like but overall it is quite easy to hold and will not strain your hands


It will shake in your hand with each pull of the trigger


We found reloading with market magazines difficult, while reloading with factory magazines was fine


Doesn’t offer much room or space to add on other functions


Steel body with a polycoat finish in black makes it stand out


Loses a point for being a bit more on the pricey end

CZ makes excellent pistols; they are reliable, accurate, and tough. Their full size models are used by law enforcement and military the world over and some have also become famous among enthusiasts.

Today, we’ll have a look at one such model – the CZ BD 2075 RAMI. It has everything the full size CZ version has, it just comes in a smaller package.

CZ 2075 RAMI BD 9MM - 2

It’s essentially a decocking version of the original RAMI design that’s available in 9mm Luger.

Let’s get started:

A Bit of Background

Founded in 1936, CZ is probably best known for its 75 series of pistols and handguns. The company came to the US in 1991; however CZ pistols weren’t legally sold in the US until 1993.

Other than their full size 75 series available in both 9mm and .40, the company offers a range of compact pistols including the PCR and P-01. However, they didn’t have a true sub-compact until they launched the CZ 2075 RAMI.

Some people believe that the gun was launched to cater to the US market but it found popularity all around the world. It is still among the most in-demand weapons not only in Europe but in the US as well.

We have seen CZ and other companies come up with similar products but very few have been able to match the standards set by this beauty.

Build and Construction

The CZ 2075 RAMI is available in both 9mm and .40 S&W. It’s a sub-compact and semi-automatic gun; we’ll be reviewing the 9mm version today.

Comparable with a baby Glock or even a Springfield XD Compact, this beauty measures at 6.5” long, 4.7” high, and 1.25” wide with a 3 inch barrel.

CZ 2075 RAMI BD 9MM - 3

It has a polymer frame which means it is lighter in weight at 25 ounces empty. Hence, you can go for a long time without feeling strain in your hand.

The gun’s all-metal body makes it quite durable. It has a side steel and alloy frame and can be fully stoked at 8+1 rounds of JHP ammo.

Finished in full black with a durable and neat polycoat finish, it is no different to other guns in the CZ line when it comes to the appearance.

Once you hold it, you will note the edges. They are smoothed out and melted. There are also snag-free fixed sights with thumb safety and flattened slide release.

The grip panel is a checkered soft rubber. Overall, the gun looks and feel very good. You will enjoy holding it in your hand. It feels pretty good in both the hands. This point is very important because not everyone uses the same hand or stance to shoot. This makes it one of the most versatile guns on the market.

You’ll find that your RAMI is a premium sub-compact which comes fully equipped. The weapon comes in an attractive blue hard plastic case, the magazines are included and so is a tool to load ‘em.

You’ll find a 10 round flush-fitting magazine in addition to a 14 round extended magazine. Some guns also come with a low-capacity compliant version x2 10 round magazines.

In addition to this, you will find a cleaning rod coupled with a bore brush, a cable type gun lock, and even throws in some snap caps. We were quite impressed with the package.

Safety & Features

CZ 2075 RAMI BD 9MM - 4

This double action gun features manual safety which will engage only when the hammer’s fully cocked – this will allow for a Condition 1 Carry.

But, it gives you the choice to lower the hammer manually to either a half or fully de-cocked position if you don’t want to carry it cocked and loaded.

You will however like the ability to carry this gun cocked for single action that too with thumb safety engaged.

If you’re into double action mode, you can lower the hammer manually for a longer, heavier first shot.

No need to engage safety in double action mode of carry.

Performance & Operation

Let’s do a range evaluation of the CZ 2075!

CZ 2075 RAMI BD 9MM - 5

This gun can shoot pretty well. It offers excellent accuracy for a subcompact gun. If you have been using a different weapon and you suddenly have to shift to this one, you will find no learning curve due to its incredible performance.

We tried a variety of shots and they all came out to be quite neat. It is capable of less than two inch group at just seven yards. Expect it to be perfect for target shooting as well. Plus, it can be a good choice for self defense, too.

What we thought it lacked was just a bit more accuracy, the RAMI for its size is heavy and has a gritty trigger pull which takes up a good amount of over travel.

The trigger pull as compared to other CZ models wasn’t as smooth, but it improves as you use it and it begins to wear.

You’ll find the gun’s recoil to be stout. Due to its additional weight, the alloy frame translates into lesser kick than other polymer framed guns on the market.

The rubber grip is soft and comfortable even under recoil and it doesn’t scrap at your palm.

One thing you’ll note – and others around you at the range right at the start –is the blast. It certainly isn’t what you expect from a gun of this size. Some may like it but some may not.

It functions flawlessly; you can feed JHP or FMJ rounds very easily from the original/factory magazines. We did, however, find it difficult to use full size magazines from ProMag – that’s something you might want to keep in mind.

By rthe end of our long and hard testing session, we did face some cycling failures but that is expected from a gunt his small.

Some Other Things You should Know About CZ 2075 RAMI

It has an aluminum frame with a 3 inch barrel, the true dot night sights come as standard.

The RAMI is both a double and single action pistol which offers a half cock hammer position. You will have no problem in carrying this beauty.

This particular model we are reviewing is called a RAMI BD – the ‘B’ stands for ‘Firing Pin Block’ while the ‘D’ stands for ‘de-cocker’.

A majority of these guns available today will have a thumb safety which allows you to carry the gun cocked and locked.

When engaged, you will find that the de-cocking lever positions the hammer such that it goes to a half cock position from a single action position.

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What Do We Think About It?

Let’s be honest here, this is essentially a sub-compact gun meant for the concealed carry market, and most will embrace it for just that.

But consider this, its weight or size isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Add that to its lack of decocking lever and we have a problem.

The gun might not be the best option for traditional double action gun lovers. But, it is a breakthrough for CZ, with the RAMI it now goes into competition with Glock and other manufacturers who offer guns with an interchangeable magazine.

Additionally, for all you out there who aren’t big fans of safe action trigger the Springfield XD or Glock offers, then you have a good alternative in the form of RAMI.

Deciding on which handgun to get is really a personal decision and everyone has different views; however, we think the CZ 2075 RAMI can be a serious contender in the sub-compact concealed carry market.

It does have its flaws but it’s still a good product for those looking for the specs it offers. Go through it and see if it fits your needs.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this CZ 2075 RAMI BD 9MM review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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