Stoeger Condor Competition Over and Under Shotgun review

Stoeger Condor Competition Over and Under Shotgun review

Handgun Review: Stoeger Condor Competition Check Price at Brownells at Basspro at Cabela’s ErgonomicsAdjustable comb and palm swells provide variances for the comfort of different sized shooters. Availability of two different calibers also offers an opportunity for use by those who are recoil sensitive. The only complaint is that at just under 9 pounds and … Read more

CZ 75 SP-01 Review: The Tactical Choice!

CZ 75 SP-01 Review

Handgun Review: CZ 75 SP-01 Check Price at Brownells at Cabela’s ErgonomicsIt is easy to carry and is probably the best on the market for a full sized pistol promoted as a combat pistol AccuracyThe full body grip makes it simple to handle and precise to mark ReliabilityYou’ll have no issues here as it functions … Read more

CZ 75 Review: The Steel Framed Czech Pistol which is better than a Steel Framed American Pistol!

CZ 75 Review

Handgun Review: CZ 75 ErgonomicsLoses a point because of its long and heavy double action trigger AccuracySights are small, air between the rear and front sight makes it possible to make mistakes ReliabilityIt passed the ultimate reliability test – bore all the cheap Tula steel cases we could muster CustomizationBeing a rail less gun, customization … Read more

Ruger LCP 2 Review: Deep Concealment

Ruger LCP 2 Review

Handgun Review: Ruger LCP 2 Check Price at Brownells at Cabela’s Ergonomics Accuracy Reliability Customization Looks Price Improving on an iconic firearm isn’t an easy decision to take for a gun manufacturer. On one hand, it has to make sure that the successor has all the qualities of the model it is replacing. On the … Read more

Glock 42 Review: The Littlest Glock that Could!

Glock 42 Review

Handgun Review: Glock 42 ErgonomicsThe 42 not only wrestles with the boxy nature of the pistol line but also the fact that it is just plain tiny. Big handed shooters may have issues, but not likely any more or different issues they would with any pocket pistol. While slide release will not be a reach … Read more

Glock 43X Review: the Biggest Small Glock 9mm

Glock 43X Review

Handgun Review: Glock 43X ErgonomicsIt could be the best gun in the world, but if your hand does not like it, it does not matter. Individual tastes are as various as there are people. That said, the grip surface is comfortable, but as remarked, the angle points high requiring practice, especially for point and shoot … Read more

Ruger SR1911 review: Is it worthy of the 1911 name?

Ruger SR1911 Review

Handgun review: Ruger SR1911 Pros There is precious little that “needs” to be “upgraded” on this gun out of the box. Its closest competitors in the mass produced 1911 market is Colt, Springfield, S&W Kimber and maybe Remington depending on the year of manufacture. For the price and quality of construction, Ruger threatens to be … Read more