Stoeger P350 Review: The Hunting Shotgun

Stoeger P350 Review - Featured Image

Stoeger P-350 Pump Action Shotgun review ErgonomicsEasy disassembly for maintenance, lightweight for easy pointing. To date there is a lack of a shim kit for adjusting length of pull or comb drop. Further some have complained that the safety may be difficult for anyone outside average hand sizes, but this can be mitigated with practice. … Read more

Stoeger M3000 Review: Who Needs a Benelli?

Stoeger M3000 Review - Featured Image

Stoeger M3000 Shotgun Review ErgonomicsStoeger’s “bells and whistles” are no different than any other self loading shotgun, so there is no real bonus or detriment to the layout of the controls. Assuming the shotgun is not too large for the shooter, it swings and points easily, the reduced weight of the alloy receiver allows for … Read more

HK P30 Review: John Wick’s Pistol

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The Heckler and Koch P30 is a polymer frame, semi automatic pistol that comes in three distinct models – the P30, P30sk, and P30l. Our HK P30 review will examine each of these handguns in turn, and also analyze the differences between them. The P30 and P30l are available in either 9mm or .40 S&W, which … Read more

Ruger EC9s Review: The Best Deal In Handguns

Ruger EC9s Review

Handgun Review: Ruger EC9s Check Price at ErgonomicsIt is a slim grip, which may be somewhat uncomfortable to those with large hands, but the grip surfaces have a mild ribbing to help ensure a comfortable and reliable purchase while firing even hot loads. The safety is small but easy … Read more

Ruger GP100 Review: The do it all revolver

Ruger GP100 Review - Featured Image

Handgun Review: Ruger GP100 Check Price at Brownells at Cabela’s at Basspro ErgonomicsThe overmolded rubber grips of the standard models provide just enough give for a shooter hands to feel grounded without any awkward elements. The wood grips for dealer exclusives are similarly well sized for medium to large hands. The nice point is that … Read more

HK P2000 review: The Better USP Compact

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The HK P2000 is a polymer framed semi auto pistol available in both 9mm and .40 S&W. Designed for  law enforcement and concealed carry market, the P2000 comes equipped with a number of advanced design features that make it stand out from the competition. Our HK P2000 review will cover the most important ones, while … Read more

CZ 75D PCR review: The Compact which is Hard to Find!

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Handgun Review: CZ 75D PCR See Best Price ErgonomicsWhile the back strap is fixed, the lines work well for shooters with different hand sizes. Additionally, it has a low bore access. AccuracyWith terrific sights and trigger, even a novice shooter can impress everyone at the range ReliabilityWorks with everything from cheap range ball ammo to … Read more