Best Target Pistol: Ready for Shooting

Best Target Pistol - Featured Image

This article about the best target pistol isn’t going to try to convince you that you have to stick to main market options for target pistols, but we might caution the value of looking to the broad market before you invest in specialty and custom built target pistols.The benefit of looking for your first (or … Read more

Best CZ Pistol: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best CZ Pistol - Featured Image

Czechoslovakian craftsmanship has always been above average even in the throws of the Cold War and under essential control by the USSR. CZ has carried the legacy for tight tolerances, attention to detail and accuracy beyond “above average” to where the CZ name is now: at the top of the market. CZ has grown into a … Read more

10 best pistols for 3-gun competition

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Choosing the best 3-gun pistol isn’t tough. In fact, there are many great pistols for the 3-gun competition. The struggle isn’t finding great guns, it’s defining which pistol will work best for your unique needs in the competition. AND EVERY SHOOTER SHOOTS 3-GUN DIFFERENTLY – Which makes the idea of picking a best in class for … Read more

Best Tactical Pistol: Buying Guide & Reviews

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The best tactical pistol article is sort of a mixed bag because every shooter has their own needs and preferences. Instead of picking a definitive best tactical pistol, we have assembled a list of 13 incredibly good tactical pistols that range widely from specific use cases to material types to build styles and platforms. What we … Read more

HK VP9 Review: Perfect for Concealed Carry?

HK VP9 Review

Literally named Volkspistole or “people’s pistol”, the HK VP9 is a well designed semi auto 9mm striker fired, poly framed pistol from Heckler and Koch. Built for the concealed carry market, it is truly an everyman’s handgun suitable for most any task you might have for it. Any HK VP9 review will naturally have to cover all four versions available, which is exactly what we plan to do!

Best Striker Fired Pistol: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Striker Fired Pistol

The best striker fired pistol title is harder to pick, now more than ever, as the market is full of quality striker fired firearms that have excellent duty records in a large variety of scenarios. This is a list of the best striker fired pistols on the market. In order to understand the qualities of each of … Read more

Best Combat Pistol: Buying Guide & Review

Best Combat Pistol

​A big topic for a wide market full of great guns. To choose the “best combat pistol” is a daunting challenge. But there are some key points that virtually any shooter would consider pertinent to choosing such a firearm. It is the intention of this article to define what constitutes a contender for the best combat … Read more

Best Handgun for Women: Buying Guide & Review

Best Handguns for Women

This is an article about twelve of the best handguns for women compiled into a list of firearms that actually transcend simple titles in the market.We’ve always been staunch proponents of individual gun choices for fitment and ease of use. We don’t really feel that women should be pigeonholed into a market segment. However, it’s … Read more

Best Concealed Carry Revolver: CCW Guide & Review

Best Concealed Carry Revolver

Are you looking for the best concealed carry revolvers on the market today? In this article, we review the most popular revolver for CCW available on the market today. This is the ultimate CCW revolver guide.It has long been said that “God made man, but Sam Colt made man equal.” Ever since the first commercially … Read more