Best Ruger Mini 14 Magazines (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 Rounds)

Are you looking for the best Ruger Mini 14 magazine? If so, this will serve as your starting point (and possibly your endpoint) in your search. We’ll be going through a list of six of the best magazines that are the best in each category. Each category will be based on certain round counts (10 being the lowest and 100 being the highest). As you read through each list, please consider what you’re intent or purpose is for using your Ruger Mini 14 rifle. Also, determine how many rounds are good enough for you. Some will probably would want 10 rounds for a certain application, while others will settle for 30, 40, or even 100. Either way, you’ll need a great magazine that will get you through a day at the range or out in the field. With that said, let’s dive right into our first magazine on the list:

Best Ruger Mini 14 Magazines

John Masen - Ruger Mini-14 Magazine 10-Round .223/5.56

10-Round Ruger Mini 14 Magazine

​John Masen - Ruger Mini-14 Magazine 10-Round .223/5.56

First, we’ll be taking a look at our choice for the best 10-round Ruger Mini 14 magazine. This is the John Masen brand Mini-14 Magazine for .223 and 5.56 caliber rifles. This magazine is made from high-quality steel and is stained in a black finish. The magazine is assembled with heavy-duty springs that are designed to handle all kinds of Mini-14 cartridges. They provide reliable loading and will continue to do so for as long as you can properly take care of them. The follower is lubricated to ensure reliable feeding and following. No jamming will ever occur with this magazine for as long as you use it. If you’re looking for a 10-round magazine that won’t ever let you down in any application, the John Masen Mini-14 magazine might be exactly what you’re looking for. This magazine will fit the two most popular AR-style rifle calibers: 5.56 and .223. So you don’t have to worry about whether or not if the magazine is compatible with your rifle or not. Just load your rounds in and get right to work.

One of the major advantages of this magazine is that it has the ability to provide you with malfunction-free loading and reliability even after 500+ rounds. If that sounds like something that impresses you, then you might be interested in purchasing a magazine like this. This proves that it has the ability to last you years, maybe even decades.

One disadvantage was reported by some users regarding the follower. Some have said that the magazine might have a hard time removing while the bolt is closed. Once opened, it won’t be able to fully engage with the magazine catch.

Despite the advantages and disadvantages, this 10-round magazine by John Masen is probably the best option if you’re not in love with the idea of shooting more than 10 rounds. This is perfect for applications like home defense or big game hunting. That doesn’t mean its useless for all kinds of applications.

Pro Mag Ruger Mini-14 Magazine .223/5.56 20-Round

20-Round Ruger Mini 14 Magazine

Pro Mag Ruger Mini-14 Magazine 20-Round

Now we’ll be turning our attention to our best 20-round Ruger Mini 14 magazine on our list. Our choice is the Pro Mag Ruger Mini-14 Magazine for the .223 and 5.56 caliber rifles. One of the things that is impressive about this magazine is that it’s a self-lubricating magazine that will definitely help with the feeding and reliability of your magazine. Never will you have to worry about having to lubricate them manually in order to prevent any rough feeding or jamming issues that may occur. Each of these magazines is battle tested even before they hit the market. They are heat-treated and stress-tested to ensure that they are durable, reliable, and can operate in the most extreme conditions. If you want to clean or maintain your magazine, you can easily disassemble it and then re-assemble it when complete.

The body is made from carbon steel and is designed to resist any kind of damage and abuse. So if you release the magazine from your rifle and it falls freely to the ground, it won’t damage if it ends up hitting a hard surface like concrete, pavement, gravel, or whatever else. If you’re looking for a magazine that can handle it all, the Pro Mag could be worth the investment. If you need 20 rounds for competitive shooting, target practice, or for a long day out in the hunting field, a reliable magazine like this might be the solution.

If you’re looking for a Mini-14 magazine that is best for the money, you’ll want to look at this further. Not only does it have a price tag that fits most budgets, but it’s also a highly reliable and top quality magazine. Talk about exceeding the expectations of being a budget magazine. It’s not like all the other magazines that dent, break or jam on you after a short period of time.

Aside from its affordability, one of the pros of this magazine is it will fit your Ruger Mini 14 rifle perfectly. Plus, it has the ability to handle both 5.56 and .223 rounds. No matter what you’re rifle is chambered in, it can handle the rounds. And since these are affordable, these are great to have as spare magazines. This way, in case one of them jams on you, you can be able to unload the problem magazine and replace it with a new one that is ready for action.

One major complaint that will be noted is that the edges located on the bottom of the magazine are “pointy and uncomfortable”. So loading might be a challenge for some. If that is the case, you may want to invest in a speed loader for fast and reliable loading for your magazines. That could also tack on another disadvantage, which is added cost since you’ll be purchasing that separately.

Nonetheless, if a 20-round Ruger 14 magazine is what you’re looking for, the Pro Mag Mini-14 Ruger could just be what you’re looking for regardless of your intent and purpose.

Thermold 30-Round Mini 14 Mag

Best 30-Round Ruger Mini 14 Magazine

3-Pk. of Thermold 30-rd. Mini 14 Mags

If 30 rounds are more of your speed, then you’ll definitely would want to consider our choice for the best 30-round magazine for a Ruger Mini 14. We’ve decided to go with the Thermold 30-Round Mini 14 magazines. If you’re looking for a magazine that is tough all over and can handle all kinds of abuse, you’re in luck. These are made from high-quality nylon. They’re so tough they can handle hard hits on the ground, dust, dirt, mud, and whatever else that might try and damage this magazine. Plus, they’re also easy to clean. Through it all, it will still provide you with a reliable, jam-free performance that will be hard to beat. To top that off, these are self-lubricating magazines that will allow for very reliable feeding. Your shots will be smooth and won’t ever jam. A lot better than having to take apart the magazine and lubricating it manually. If that’s something that you want to avoid, then the Thermold magazine might be something that’s worth the investment.

Highly durable, reliable, and compatible with most calibers, the Thermold might just be head and shoulders above all the others on our list. Even if you’re not a fan of having 30 rounds, you can still use this if you’re looking for a magazine that will last you years or even decades. Never more will you have to buy more magazines. But you’d be insane not to buy any additional magazines like this. Just because they’re near indestructible, doesn’t mean they’re free from any malfunctions. Anything can happen, so make sure you have some spares handy.

The biggest advantage that you’ll get from these magazines is that they are nearly indestructible. These will probably be the last magazines that you’ll ever buy in your lifetime. That’s how tough they are. Surprisingly enough, it’s the nylon material that tends to hold up better than any kind of metal.

One disadvantage comes with the loading aspect of the magazine. The rounds appear to not seat properly unless the bolt is pulled back. For some, this serves as a disadvantage for most shooters. Especially those who want to click in a magazine regardless of what position the bolt is in. Oddly enough, Ruger’s own magazines have this kind of ability.

If you’re looking for an excellent 30-round magazine for your Ruger Mini 14 rifle at a price that is considered quite affordable, the Thermold 30-round magazines could very well be your best bet. For a magazine that is affordable, they are reliable and dang near indestructible. In fact, you’ll feel like stealing when you buy these for your own Ruger Mini 14 rifle.

Ruger Aftermarket Mini-14 Magazine 40 Rounds

Best 40-Round Ruger Mini 14 Magazine

Ruger Aftermarket Mini-14 Magazine, 40 Rounds

Next, we’ll be taking a look at Ruger’s Aftermarket Mini-14 Magazine. This has the ability to contain 40 rounds of .223 caliber rounds. If you’re looking for a magazine that is exclusive to this caliber, then the Ruger Aftermarket Magazine might be the best possible choice for you. This has a blued stained finish and has a polymer body, making it quite durable and resistant to any kind of damage. What’s also impressive is that this is a double stack magazine. It has two stacks that can hold up to 20 rounds each. And that’s how it is able to hold up to 40 rounds in this one single magazine. If you’re looking for something that is reliable and will last you for a long session at the shooting range or if you’re in an intense shooting competition, this magazine by Ruger might be exactly what you’re looking for in the times you need as many rounds as possible. These magazines are made in the USA and they are designed to make them last longer than most low-quality, cheap magazines. In fact, these are good to have if you hold longevity to a high standard. All magazines will come shipped in new, never been used condition. But they are proven to hold their own after you’ve loaded hundreds, if not thousands of rounds.

The construction of this magazine is quite solid and will be able to handle any damage such as free-falling onto a hard surface. The feeding is reliable and no jamming occurs even after so many rounds fired. One minor disadvantage that some of the edges inside the magazine are quite sharp to a point that they may scratch the rounds. This issue can be quickly corrected by doing some sanding to blunt the edges. Another minor disadvantage also pertains to feeding. Some have had issues with feeding their magazine into their Mini 14 rifle. This is also solved by making some fitting adjustments.

If you’re looking for a 40-round magazine that will get you through a day of hunting, an extended range session, or a shooting contest, then the Ruger Aftermarket Mini-14 Magazine might just be the one you can count on in these types of applications.

Black Dog Machine LLC AR-15 50 Round Drum Magazine

Best 50-Round Ruger Mini 14 Magazine

Black Dog Machine LLC AR-15 50 Round Drum Magazine

Now, we’ll be taking a look at the best 50-round Ruger Mini 14 Magazine available on the market. Our best choice is from the Black Dog Machine brand. If you’re looking for something that’s high in capacity and is dependable, then you might want to look at this magazine a little bit closer. This magazine is best for your extended range sessions or while you’re using your rounds for “plinking” purposes. This is also easy to disassemble so you can be able to quickly clean it to ensure that it remains reliable and useful for years to come. The magazine is made from high-quality polymer, making it a super durable drum magazine that will be hard to damage, even if you slam it on the floor.

One of the major advantages that you’ll enjoy while using this magazine will be its ability to easily load rounds into the drum mag without any issues with jamming. The easier you can load this in, the quicker you can be able to get started with your day at the range. A disadvantage that is worth pointing out is that since this is a high capacity magazine, it is more than likely to suffer some wear and tear issues at some point down the road. That’s why it is important to not load your magazine all the way up to full capacity. Just because it says “50 rounds”, doesn’t mean you have to load it all the way up to 50 rounds. Get the point? So if you want it to last long, keep it below the limit (40 to about 45 rounds will be sufficient).

If you’re looking for a great high capacity magazine that won’t let you down and will always be able to hold your Mini 14 rounds in one place, then the Black Dog Machine drum magazine won’t disappoint.

KCI Ruger Mini-14 Magazine 100-Round Dual Drum

Best 100-Round Ruger Mini 14 Magazine

KCI Ruger Mini-14 Magazine 100-Round Dual Drum

For our final magazine for a Ruger Mini 14, we’ll be taking a look at the KCI Ruger Mini-14 Magazine. This contains 100 rounds, with each drum containing at least 50 rounds. If you’re looking for something with even greater capacity for your plinking or target practicing purposes, this magazine might serve you well every time. This is designed to fit .223 caliber and 5.56 NATO rounds for your Ruger Mini 14 rifle. You won’t have to worry about dealing with whether or not your rounds will be able to fire properly from this magazine. If your rifle is chambered in either caliber, you’ll be in great shape. The magazine itself is made from a combination of steel and polymer materials. This is all-around durable and will be able to handle all your heavy duty shooting responsibilities.

If you want fast, reliable feeding, this puppy will be able to quickly feed rounds and load up at a speed of 1,500 RPM. If you’re looking for something that will allow you to load your magazines at a faster rate of speed, then this might be something worth a closer look. Though it looks a little big in size, this is quite lightweight. Unloaded, it weighs around 2 pounds. Even loaded to full capacity, it will be easy to carry around. It won’t feel like you’re carrying a 100-pound dumbbell at the range or out in the field.

The main advantage of this magazine is that you can be able to load these rounds quickly. You won’t have to manually load them yourself like you would with other low-capacity magazines (like 10 or 20 round capacity magazines). One disadvantage is that high capacity magazines like this are currently restricted in the state of California, despite residents having the ability to purchase these earlier this year. To err on the side of legal precautions, please make sure whether or not your local or state laws will allow you to have these kinds of magazines. If there are some restrictions, be sure to look them up so you know what you’re allowed to have and what you’re not allowed to purchase and own.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Ruger Mini 14 Magazine

As you’re looking for a great magazine for your Ruger Mini 14, it’s important to consider some of the aspects that will factor into your purchasing decision. One thing that you should never do is blindly choose a magazine. Meaning you should not hit the “add to cart” button on the first magazine you see or grabbing what you see on the shelf and calling it good. You may end up with a magazine that won’t be able to work as good. Here’s what you need to consider while looking for a great Ruger Mini 14 magazine:


If you’re a budget shopper, odds are that price might factor into your decision. If the price is highly important to you, please consider looking at the overall quality of the magazine itself. One rule of thumb to consider is to place quality above all else regardless of the price tag. If you’re on a budget, find the best magazine you can possibly afford. Don’t buy one just because it’s cheap in price.


To ensure the best quality, most manufacturers will choose the best materials. Some of the most popular materials that are used are polymer and nylon. Both are proven to be durable and will have the ability to take on all kinds of abuse. Since magazines are released, they tend to fall freely to the ground. Sometimes, the ground will be a hard surface like concrete or pavement will be hard enough to easily brake low-quality magazines. That’s why you should look for a magazine that has polymer, nylon, or other related materials that are proven to handle the hard surface impact.

How Many Rounds Do You Need?

While there are different numbers of capacities for each magazine, it’s important to consider how many you actually need. To further answer that question, consider your purpose for your Ruger Mini 14 rifle. Are you using it for hunting? Are you using it for target practice? Home defense? If you know what your purpose is, then the choice might be easy enough. That isn’t to say that some other magazines with high capacities are rendered useless, but for high capacity magazines, it might be overkill.


The best Ruger Mini 14 magazine is out there. And it’s available in all kinds of capacities. Finding the best one might be a challenge. But if you know how many rounds you need and have a good idea of how you’re using your rifle, the search will be easy enough. Remember, find the best magazine that will not only be reliable in terms of feeding and loading but something that will last you a long period of time. This might be the magazine that you’re stuck with for years or possibly decades.

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