Best Rifle Bipod For The Money: Long Range Shooting, Hunting Ready!

The best rifle bipod list below offers some fine hardware for long range shooting whether it be for tactical, competition, hunting or other purposes.

While all bipods are certainly not created equally, it doesn't mean that you have to purchase an expensive bipod to get the job done.

But it is clear too, that more often than not, you get what you pay for. In the world of bipods that means you get more durability and stability the higher up you go in pricing tiers. You get more simplicity the higher up you go in price and you get better production quality the higher you go up in price range, generally speaking.

Again, you cannot use this as the only litmus test on bipods, as you can find exceptional bipods for less money, but for the most part if you want a rugged, bulletproof, rock-solid bipod, you can find it at the top end but it's hard to find it at the low end of the pricing spectrum.

best rifle bipod

What is the best rifle bipod?  Below you'll find the best bipods for rifle on the market available to the general public in a mainstream fashion.

Best Rifle Bipods

Accu-Shot- 5-H ATLAS Bipods

Best rifle bipod for long range shooting

Accu-Shot- 5-H ATLAS Bipods

Probably the best pure bipod on this list for the tactical long range, quick implementation subset on this list, the 5H Atlas by AccuShot offers a lot in a very simple, well thought out design.

The price point dictates that you should be getting something quite special, and you will be. The simplicity is what makes it so good, but hidden within some amazing industrial design methodologies, the 5H is also quite comprehensive.

So, how is that, that a bipod can be both simple and comprehensive at once? With the Atlas bipod, it's about not trying to accomplish the comprehensive mission capabilities of the bipod through frivolous, additional pieces, parts and add-ons.  Instead, the bipod utilizes some of the best design you can find in a piece of hardware for accessorizing your rifles.

Firstly, it fits on any 1913 rail. The robust steel and stainless steel build has a complex movement scheme along multiple axes. It utilizes a half circle shape to allow 180 degrees of movement and each adjustable component does nearly the same. The height can be adjusted to 10.5" from a minimum of 5.5". This is perfect for any rifle, especially those with intermediate calibers or those which need to be used for 500-1000yards.

The weight is not inconsequential however, and this bipod won't simply fit on every gun you have. It has a total weight of 26 ounces.

The legs don't rotate. But they don’t need to, as the 15 degrees of forward or backward "CANT" and "PAN" allows the bipod to adjust heavily and quite fluidly, with the 5 position leg deployments. Within the huge array of fixed positions and the adjustment of the leg height and the ability to adjust for terrain type, this is an infinitely adjustable, and seriously fluid bipod.

All this adjustment while maintaining rock solid placement once a target is acquired makes this a major improvement over the bipods that typically claim heavy adjustability, but don't offer full 5 axis movement. One of the best long range rifle bipod on the market.


  • Essentially a 5 axis adjustable bipod
  • Rock solid durability and hold on target
  • Very fluid for fast adjustment while locking on targets that might move


  • Prices out many consumers at this price point

Magpul Bipods

Magpul Bipods

A lot less independently adjustable than the above Atlas 5H Bipod, the Magpul bipod is a bit more stationary, but still has an amazing amount of fluidity thanks to multiple adjustment points.

It's clear that the Magpul bipod doesn’t have the same durability that the Atlas has, but like the atlas, it is not a weak design, and the company is very good at industrial design.

It has a pan and a tilt function which utilizes a knurled knob to complete adjustment, which, like modern fluid head photography tripod mounts offers a one handed deployment.

Magpul doesn't make poorly designed products. They always have unique innovative features; in this case, the amount of tilt (50 degrees) and pan (40 degrees). The unique makeup of the materials allows this bipod to be used in some extreme conditions without having excessive weight. It weighs half as much as competitive bipods in some instances.

The 11 ounce weight is minimal considering the extreme adjustability and the ability to work the bipod with a single hand.   


  • Small weight and profile size
  • Magpul has an impeccable reputation
  • Good price point considering the adjustability and single handed operability


  • No CONS

MDT - Ckye-Pod Bipod

Best rifle bipod for the money

MDT - Ckye-Pod Bipod

Well designed; large enough for super long range needs and made for multiple mission profiles. This is not an inexpensive bipod, but it is a very well made one, and has a very good reputation for rock solid operation on uneven or rocky terrain, where the foot styles allow for even better shot placement.

A fully adjustable post style connectivity means you get up to 100% full range of movement on multiple adjustment facets. The 170 degrees of potential "CANT" and full 360 degrees of "PAN" potentially (which is better described as full range of attached motion, rather than as 360 degrees – as the barrel will get in the way of full range of motion at some point) make this probably the most adjustable bipod on the market.

Though it is quite heavy, not as robust as some other models, and requires some specific SKU's to achieve the type of adjustment you want on different mounts and rifles, it is perhaps one of the finest bipods money can buy for larger recoiling guns.

There are several models that dictate foot styles, mount types and knob locations. The approximate weight of the bipods across the board is about 21 ounces.

You can get the bipod in standard length 7.5-13 inches; or in an extended variant which allows for adjustment from 9 inches to 15 inches. The manufacturer claims one handed operation, but it's less likely to be the case if you need more than one adjustment per shot, as the adjustment knobs are in sperate positions.  This may be a drawback to some but is suitable for most.


  • Well built, even if it isn’t the most robust build quality on this list
  • Extremely adjustable
  • Lots of options


  • May not be one hand adjustable during implementation

Warne - Skyline Long Range Precision Bipod

Best bipod for precision rifle

Warne - Skyline Long Range Precision Bipod

A better mix of modularity and light weight more than it is adjustable, this bipod touts good adjustability, and only decent durability compared to some of the heavier duty bipods on this list. But it is still capable of being mounted on high recoiling firearms thanks to a very good build quality and good materials (several grades of anodized aircraft grade aluminum, with 7075 T6 and 6061 T6 being noted).

This is a bipod for those who need to keep weight down, but also need mid-range adjustment flexibility and need to mount the bipod on a heavily recoiling rifle.

It too, is pricey, and it has a very niche market that it serves very well, particularly the AR style rifles. The easy to adjust leg-length and the truly one handed operation means this is a very capable bipod even if it doesn’t offer full range of motion on adjustment on "pan" and "cant".

The feet are interchangeable and there are some additional options that can be added on after initial purchase making this a versatile bipod choice. The Warne name is quite well respected and the fit and finish is impeccable.

One of the best bipods for sniper rifle on the market.


  • Great flexibility in options and add-ons
  • Nice looking
  • Lighter weight than most all metal bipods on this list


  • Not as adjustable as others in the price range

BOGgear BOG-POD Camo Legged Devil Bipod

Best bipod for hunting rifle

BOGgear BOG-POD Camo Legged Devil Bipods

This is not a traditional "bipod"; in fact, it is not a bipod at all. The three-legged tripod design with the full standing height makes this an obvious mounting for all say hunting trips in blinds, or ultra-long-range shooting where prone position and table positioning are not possible.

That doesn’t mean that this tripod cannot be used for both of those techniques; the Tripod 40 on this list is adjustable from 6 inches up to 40 inches, while the Tripod variant can adjust 22 inches to 68 inches, which would make prone position difficult.

There is a 360-degree swivel which would be very helpful for large game hunting in a blind or stand situation where a shot may need to be repositioned depending on how an animal is moving.

The quality is good, but this is not the type of build quality you find on the stout bipods found above on this list so far. This is a much lighter weight construction because it has to be to remain portable. Therefore, it may seem significantly less stable, which necessitates the third leg and should be factored in for the specific needs a shooter may have.

Made specifically for shooting sports and hunting, this is more akin to a tripod for photography than it is to a traditional shooting bipod.


  • Huge adjustability and a full rotational head for fluid moving game shots
  • Portable


  • Lightweight, which can affect total shot placement thanks to flex and movement

Caldwell Accumax Premium Carbon Fiber Bipod with Sling Swivel Stud Attachment

Best lightweight rifle bipod

Caldwell Accumax Premium Carbon Fiber Bipod with Sling Swivel Stud Attachment

Lightweight and simple; and not nearly as adjustable as the others on this list of best rifle bipods, this is the bipod you get when you want simple, straightforward operation and just need something to rest the gun on, and don't require significant adjustability among other axis points.

The quality is actually quite high, but the material mix, aside from the carbon fiber could be better. The plastic components could have been made from metal and the rubber is just of decent quality.

The legs can swing into three positions and their length adjustment is held to a secure stop. The carbon fiber means you are getting good looks, strength and light weight, but it's perhaps not extensive enough in its use. It is the primary driver of the price point, which is contrary to the others on this list, as they are driven by design, not materials.

One design caveat is that the QD swivel attachment point seems like a bit of a lazy design implementation, considering this bipod is so close to being a mid to top tier build.

All in all, if you need a basic, small legged bipod for a variety of rifles at a decent price point, this is a very good candidate, but it's not as durable or adjustable as the best on the market. It is also less money than most bipods of similar quality, however.


  • Carbon fiber incorporated into the design
  • Very simple to understand


  • Utilizes a QD swivel point for mounting which is handy but not super durable and not very stable compared to other methods
  • Some component parts could be of higher quality materials

AccuShot BT10 Atlas Bipod Standard Two Screw 1913 Rail Clamp

AccuShot BT10 Atlas Bipod Standard Two Screw 1913 Rail Clamp

A barebones atlas style bipod made by Accushot that is super simple and rock solid in use. The rail mounting hardware and the cam-based locking adjustment means that you get solid adjustment and predefined stopping points that help you to get to know the usage limitations of the bipod quickly.

The bipod is built to a high standard, and it should be with the AccuShot name on the item. You can beat this bipod up and it won't budge. The solid steel and stainless-steel construction make this a hard to beat bipod for durability and toughness.

It's a lighter weight bipod from the AccuShot line and offers a lot of features for such a simplistic design and for a mid-range price point. The rail mount is super solid. The one hand adjustments can be made thanks to oversized, knurled knobs and wheels.

A perfect solution to heavy recoil needs for prone shooting. The smaller size and the good basic adjustment set paired with a one hand adjustment scheme and the solid construction means this bipod can handle the heavy pounding from heavily recoiling guns and still offers enough to keep you on target.


  • Small and simple
  • Super strong and durable
  • Recoil is not a problem


  • Still somewhat expensive
  • Not fully adjustable like others on this list

Harris BiPod Hinged Base

Harris BiPod Hinged Base

The original reinterpreted bipod introduced decades ago, but (virtually) unchanged since then. This is the original quick detachment, quick deployment civilian bipod. Aside from being quite noisy, thanks to the spring-loaded legs and forward/backward movement, this is actually quite a good bipod.

It's flexible, but it’s also flexible. That is, it can be used for a lot of different guns and purposes, but the materials are also lightweight so the lock you get on target is still prone to flex which can lead to missed shots in ultra-precision scenarios.

The price point is good, the bipods from Harris offer proportionate value. It should be noted though, that while deployment is quick and adjustment is plentiful for leg length, this is not a professional quality or duty recommended bipod.

All that said, for many years before a recent resurgence in bipod manufacturers and interest on the market, this was the best in class and often the first choice by all those who needed a bipod. Its reputation is excellent for the middle and low end of the market.


  • Fast adjustment
  • Good mounting options
  • The industry standard for many years


  • Loud in implementation
  • Outdated perhaps?

UTG Rubber Armored Full Metal QD Bipods

UTG Rubber Armored Full Metal QD Bipods

There isn’t much to say here about this bipod except that it is the best in class for the ultra-low price point bipods on the market. It incorporates good materials, good design elements and cool features into a bipod that gives some decent adjustability, but ultimately it is not for those who need the top tier characteristics and specifications that the best of the market can offer.

It's well rated and offers rail mounting capabilities with a QD lever lock base. The option to use the QD sling swivel stud also makes it easy, if not slightly lazy compared to others on this list.

Note however, that this is a sub $50 bipod, many of the items on this list are more than $350 USD. So, we are kind of comparing apples to oranges.

This bipod is very good for low recoil rifles that need something that can be used quickly and offers some adjustment, but for those who cannot justify spending $350+ on a bipod.

The components and hardware are not of the most robust build strength, but the adjustment is easy to understand and easy to implement. The bipod is pretty good looking however, and for the price point this bipod can make a lot of sense, especially if you want to deploy multiple bipods at once without having to readjust in real time.


  • Inexpensive
  • Low risk
  • All metal with rubber feet


  • This is not a best in class, it's an alternative to higher priced bipods.


It's clear that the best bipods are the most solid and most simple and easy to implement quickly. In a way that makes them the most innovative, as much of the heyday of the modern bipod centers around adjustability, quick deployment, but ultimately cheap construction.

To innovate in a way that makes the simplest characteristics the focal point is what the industry has done, and it becomes obvious that if you want the best bipod, you are probably going to need to spend more money than the average price of the market offerings.

There is a wide range of models on this list, some of which may come under scrutiny from hardcore shooters, because they aren’t as good as top-tier models; others of which will come under scrutiny by those who don't believe that to get good quality you must overspend.

The point is, there are a lot of options on the market. You will have to determine what you will settle for, or what you will not settle for. You will have to lay out the baseline needs you have and go from there. Bipods are among the most heavily delineated hardware options in the gun industry.

A final point: you cannot say all the lower priced models are bad and all of the higher priced models are good. But you can say that the best rifle bipods are those that have the characteristics of the highest priced models on this list.

That said: you do get what you pay for if you want simplicity, rock-solid stability and durability in a rifle bipod.

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