Best AR-10 Trigger (Drop In Included): Reviews & Compete Guide

If you love shooting then consider taking your experience up a notch by customizing your rifles. You have the option to change the receiver, thestock, and even the trigger.

All these upgrades have their own benefits. In this review, we are going to talk about the the best AR-10 triggers on the market and why it may be a good idea to upgrade the trigger.

A trigger plays a vital role in improving the accuracy and repeatability of a rifle. Therefore, it is important to invest in a trigger that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Different shooters have different likings towards a rifle trigger. Some prefer the squeeze/trigger to be soft, while some like it to be stiff.

We have covered all kinds of AR-10 triggers to help you find the best one according to your needs.

Importance Of Upgrading An AR-10 Trigger

AR-10 is an excellent product with some kickass parts but they may lose their functionality with time. This is when it becomes necessary to make changes.

Moreover, serious players also need upgrades thanks to the improvements they can bring to the performance.

The job of a trigger is to hit the primer, ignite gunpowder, and generate pressure. This mechanism generates a lot of heat as a result of which the internal components of a trigger wear out slowly and with time they begin to lose performance.

A crummy trigger will still allow you to shoot but it just makes the process a lot more tedious. You will need to pull the trigger with brute force to make the bullet leave the barrel. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the trigger if the factory one has become old and is not operating like before.

You may also go for an upgrade if you are not happy with the performance of the original product and want improvements.

Things to Consider Before Upgrading An AR-10 Trigger

Single Stage Vs Double Stage:

A single stage trigger works on a simple mechanism. You pull the trigger, the bullet takes off, and you reload.

Now, the problem is that single stage triggers don’t work the same in all rifles. For example, a conventional single stage 8 pound trigger will work flawlessly on a 1780 Military Musket but the same cannot be said for a Kentucky Long Rifle.

The thing is that single stage triggers are quite heavy and require a lot of pulling force. This often disrupts the precision and results in deviations, causing you to hit the wrong target.

Then comes the second stage trigger which lightens the load and offers easier pulls. While they require the same amount of force to pull the trigger, the benefit is that a second stage trigger allows to prep the trigger, set up the shot, and then apply a smaller inward force to pull the trigger. Thus, you get better control and accuracy.

We’d say second stage triggers are better than single stage triggers as they offer higher precision. However, it some users may still prefer single stage triggers.


Imagine a trigger that’s too soft to pull. You could accidentally fire it off and injure or hurt people around.

Therefore, it is better to look for a trigger that is not super light and free to fire.

Flat Vs Curved Triggers:

This is a personal preference. Flat triggers cover more surface area and offer a longer pull reach. On the other hand, flat triggers offer a snug fit.

They do not differ in performance but you may prefer one to the other based on how it feels to hold the trigger. It is best to try out both the options first.

Drop In Trigger:

If you want to get peace of mind then we recommend you to go for drop in triggers.

A conventional trigger is difficult to install due to the varying spaces in between. A drop in trigger, on the other hand, keeps the hammer, disconnector, and the trigger joined in a single case. Hence, it becomes easier to install and use the trigger.


Some triggers can be a bit difficult to install, especially if they are not meant for AR-10’s. This is mainly due to the interference of the trigger with the bolt carrier. You will need to apply modifications in order to install it properly.

Hence, taking an advice from a qualified gunsmith can be a wise choice. They will help you find the best option according to your needs.

If that’s not possible, get a drop in trigger for your rifle because they are meant to fit perfectly.

Can You Install An AR-15 Trigger in An AR-10?

AR-15 is the more popular sister of AR-10. The two share many similarities, making it possible to install an AR-15 trigger on an AR-10.

The trigger would fit onto the rifle like a charm but it may not offer the same performance as it does on an AR-15. This happens due to the different designs.

Therefore, we’d recommend that you choose an exclusive AR-10 trigger for your rifle so that you can enjoy a good firing experience and get a good feel about it.

Best AR-10 Triggers: Product Reviews

Geissele SSA Trigger | Geissele Trigger SSA And SSA-E

​Geissele SSA Trigger

Geissele is one of the most popular names when it comes to top-notch and durable triggers. It’s a two stage trigger that offers an icicle sharp break. You will hardly feel any accuracy loss with it thanks to the ultra fast lock time it offers.


  • Two stage precision trigger.
  • All contact surfaces on the trigger are wire EDM cut for a smooth grip.
  • safety certified by Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center.
  • Curved trigger.
  • Works for both AR-10 and AR-15.

SSA Trigger: It’s a simple two stage trigger where the first stage builds to 2-1/2 pounds and second stage to 2 pounds of weight. All in all, it’s a smooth trigger that doesn’t require brute force to pull it off.

The highlight of this trigger is the safety sear mechanism as it holds the hammer  if the primary sear is fired accidentally, thus preventing an accidental fire.

In simple words, the shot isn’t fired unless the trigger is pulled completely. However, shooters can optimize it for snap-quick firing as well and turn it into a quick firing trigger.

The parts are easy to maintain and installation is also a breeze as you won’t even need to take the safety off to install it.

SSA-E Trigger: It’s lighter than SSA trigger as the first stage requires only 2.3 pounds while the latter needs a push of 1.2 pounds, making it 3-½ pounds in total.

It is an ideal trigger for shooters who prefer excellent precision, accuracy, and reliability.

This semi-auto enhanced trigger has a black finish on the steel which enhances the overall feel and offers a firm grip as well.


  • Comes with hammer assemblies, tube of grease, instructions, springs, and hammer pin.
  • Offers a crisp break.
  • Safe two stage trigger.
  • Can be installed without removing the safety pin.


  • The seat is non-adjustable.

Who Is It For?

Geissele SSA Trigger | Geissele Trigger SSA And SSA-E can be a good pick for snipers, hunters, and casual shooters. It offers a smooth operation and is also fun to use.



When it comes to upgrading an AR-10’s trigger, ELFTMANN curved trigger won’t disappoint you. It brings a lot of things to the table including durability, recoil proof system, and a high quality pull.

This curved trigger won’t only make your rifle look aesthetically pleasing but also enhance the experience.


  • Provides an easy fit on all Mil-Spec AR-style .308.
  • Drop-in design with a large pin colt.
  • Adjustable pull weight (2.75 pounds to 4 pounds).
  • Consists of a 1/4-inch disconnector sear (wear-resistance).

It’s a single stage trigger that allows shooters to adjust the pull weight of the trigger – between 2.75 and 4 pounds. The best part is that you won’t need to remove the trigger from the lower receiver to do it.

It is designed to bear the atrocities of high powered calibers thanks to the aerospace grade sealed bearings that offer a quick and smooth pull.

Moreover, the wire hammer is sturdy. It is a .043 double wound and polished piano that offers complete ignition for all ammos including 7.62x39 and .308.

Installing the trigger is a breeze as well. All you need is the original AR hammer and trigger pins and it will be installed in just a few seconds.

This trigger beats most rival when it comes to durability and performance. Firstly, it is wire EDM machined for enhanced durability and on top of that, it is further hardened with an A2 steel tool along with aircraft aluminum.

As a result, it is quite strong yet light in weight.


  • Glass rod crisp break
  • Zero over-travel.
  • Short take up and reset.
  • Drop-safe trigger.
  • Lifetime guarantee.


  • Doesn’t come with new pins.

ELFTMANN - AR-10 /.308 TRIGGER CURVED can be a good choice for users who need peace of mind. The company offers lifetime warranty as they’re sure of the high durability of the product.



Hipertouch trigger is an ideal choice to for shooters with shooting disciplines. It offers pull weight adjustments and is meant to enhance the performance of your AR-10 rifle.


  • Hammer and trigger are nickel alloy finished.
  • Smoother trigger pull.
  • Adjustable pull weight.
  • Toggle spring functionality.
  • Adjustable finger pad.

The sear decides the pull weight of a trigger. Higher the sear impingement force, higher will be the friction and trigger weight. To resolve this issue, Hipertouch trigger introduced the toggle spring feature. It’s job is to reduce the sear impingement force so you can enjoy a low trigger pull weight.

While this trigger reduces pulls weight to a great deal, it also increases the hammer fall energy by almost 35% which is commendable.

Higher fall energy allows you to fire hard MIL and foreign primers easily. In fact, it also makes it easy to play with hard to shoot rifles/ammo like 22 rimfire ammunition.

The trigger has a nickel alloy finish that makes it super sturdy and also anti-corrosive. You won’t have to worry about keeping your rifle away in harsh conditions because this trigger can take serious punishment.


  • Installs easily without removing the safety selector.
  • Clean hammer release.
  • Adjustable finger pad and pull weight.
  • Durable.


  • Trigger is a bit tricky to reset with a connector.

HIPERFIRE - AR-15/10 HIPERTOUCH® SERIES TRIGGER ASSEMBLIES is a sturdy and premium quality trigger that will not only enhance shooting but also make it more fun to shoot. It works quite well and is also very easy to install.



JP Enterprises AR-10 trigger is a benchmark product that is known to deliver top-notch performance. This single stage trigger is capable of improving precision, accuracy, safety, and longevity.


  • Reduces the trigger pull weight to as low as 3 to 3.5 pounds.
  • They might be single stage triggers but can be used for DCM with stock spring.
  • Easy to install (no complex tools required).
  • Adjustable over-travel.

If the factory trigger on your AR-10 isn’t providing the kind of performance that you desire then it is time to replace it with the JP AR-10 trigger. Apart from being fully adjustable, this trigger looks aesthetically beautiful as well.

You can switch the pull weight between 3 - 3.5 pounds and stay with what you like.

The highlight of the trigger is its precision which comes from the advanced metallurgy and redesigned sear geometry. It delivers a continuous and rapid firing system with amazing handling.

The shots delivered by this trigger are extremely fast thanks to the short reset time. This has been proven to be an essential advantage on the battleground.

It’s made of hardened steel that prevents wear and tear and offers amazing sturdiness as well. The trigger is made to last for years and can also add life to your weapon.

You won’t be needing to perform any modifications on either AR-10 or AR-15 because it fits perfectly on both the weapons. Moreover, the installation is a breeze and takes only a few minutes.

The trigger comes pre-installed with overtravel screw, engagement screw, and disconnector spring due to which, installation seems like piece of cake.

You will get all the essential components with the kit including hammer spring, .050" hex key, disconnector, and trigger return spring. This is great because you will not have to spend money on additional parts to get the job done.


  • No take up time.
  • Great reset timing.
  • Compatible with the original hammer.
  • Crisp trigger breaks.


  • Requires fitting.

J P ENTERPRISES - AR-15/ 308 AR ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER SYSTEM can be a good pick if you are looking for a premium quality AR-10 trigger that can enhance precision. This beauty is very easy to install and you will see a major improvement in performance in no time.



Shooters who are in search of a trigger that can improve accuracy and follow up shots can look into the Timney 308 drop in trigger.

This one has a slightly heavier hammer spring that makes the ignition harder for .308 and 7.62 primers. It’s actually a good thing because too loose of a trigger can be dangerous.


  • Offers a 4 pound trigger pull.
  • Fits AR-10 lower receivers that have .154” pins.
  • Drop-in design.
  • The hammer is wire-EDM machined with S7 tool steel.
  • Lightweight aluminum coating.
  • Heat treated (Rc 56-60 hardness).
  • Curved trigger shoe.
  • Fits all mil-spec AR-10 and .308 caliber platforms

This is a 100% drop-in trigger that will boost the performance of your rifle drastically. It is easy to install because it uses the rifle’s original hammer pins.

Moreover, thanks to its design, you won’t see any pin rotation or a walkout unlike other triggers. All you will need to do is pull out the pins and change them with this fire control group.

It is extremely well-built. The credit goes to the 6061 aluminum housing which is further anodized to enhance overall durability.

As for the hammer, it is EDM machined with S7 tool steel and is also coated with high grade nickel which contributes to the smooth feel of the trigger.

It has almost zero overtravel and zero take up time. This means that the trigger break is super crisp and it works flawlessly when you use it with a .308.

The reset is extremely short due to which recoil recovering is super fast. You can fire shots one after another which makes both short and long range shooting much easier.

The trigger features a curved shoe and since it is a drop-in trigger, expect excellent speed and accuracy from it.

Apart from that, one advantage of drop-in triggers is that they are easier to clean. This one in particular doesn’t allow dirt or debris to accumulate inside the system. Hence, expect it to run for years to come.


  • Crisp break.
  • Smoother pull.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Calibrated and hand tested.


  • Non-adjustable trigger.

TIMNEY - 308 AR DROP-IN TRIGGER MODULE SOLID SHOE can be a good pick for shooters who are serious about doing business. It’s known to be very quick and can be of great help for hunters.



This two stage trigger offers easy installation, high-grade built, and a crisp and short reset. It is a drop in trigger that is very easy to maintain and runs for many years.


  • Adjustable 3 pound pull.
  • Aluminum housing.
  • Specifically designed for .308 and 7.62 platforms.
  • Two stage trigger.

You can adjust the sear engagement of this trigger to adjust the pull weight to 3 pounds. On top of that, the geometry of this trigger offers a quick let off which is preferred by many shooters.

Installing it is a breeze because as well . All you need to do is remove the original trigger and the safety selector, fix in the module, put back in the selector along with the pins, and you’re good to go.

Two stage triggers are meant to lighten the load and provide easier pulls. The first stage of this trigger is approximately 6 ounces while the rest of the weight is covered by the actual sear movement.

The advantage of this two stage trigger is that the shooter can create steady force and enjoy good precision while concentrating on the target. With this beauty, you will be able to improve your success rate.

When the trigger is released, the reset time is only 30 seconds which is almost half when compared to conventional triggers. This is why it is said to be perfect for professionals.

The sear holds the hammer at the back to offer a lighter pull and keep the shooter safe. While the second sear is placed to block the hammer if it were to slip off the primary sear.

There is ample amount of tolerance between the parts and the high grade aluminum housing contributes to the durability of the trigger. Thanks to a solid construction, it will be with you for years to come.


  • Quick reset time.
  • Less load on the pull.
  • Accurate shots.
  • Improved precision.


  • The design is a bit flimsy.

PACT - 308 AR SR GOLD TRIGGER is one of the best two stage drop in triggers out there. It is meant to cater to all types of shooters due to the several benefits it has to offer.


You don’t need to be an expert to upgrade your rifle’s trigger, you can install it quite easily by following the instructions. Most quality best AR-10 triggers come with a step-by-step guide on how to install the unit.

For us, Geissele SSA Trigger is the top choice because it’s a two stage trigger that offers excellent accuracy, precision, less pull and load. However, you may also consider TIMNEY - 308 if you want a sturdy unit.

Its hammer is wire-EDM machined with S7 tool steel and offers amazing durability and longevity. All in all, pick what works the best for you.

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