Best Airsoft Guns: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Why Airsoft? To some the answer may be obvious. To others, the cost of a really “good” airsoft may subtract from funds for a true gun, and if the primary purpose of getting a gun is simply target shooting, the point of an airsoft may get lost. Airsoft products run the gamut from toy quality to high quality training tools with price tags that rival their “real” gun counterparts. As with all products, the first decision is deciding the purpose. This article will look at the typical airsoft: 6mm caliber plastic pellets in either .12 or .2 grams.

The variety of quality and types of Airsoft avail themselves to many purposes. From training to indoor target practice or plinking, to competition, to wargames and even, to some, collecting. The ability to get the best airsoft gun, as they do not require permits (yet), even in full auto, appeals to those who cannot or will not get a real firearm, and the ability to shoot indoors, while still requiring some safety and responsibility, means that learning and keeping “real” firearm skills can be done almost literally anywhere.

With that in mind, the next step is to consider the types of firing mechanisms that differentiate between the types of airsoft guns that are out there.

Types of Airsoft Guns

Spring Type 

The simplest, most common, and least expensive tends to be the spring powered variety: these require a manual “cocking” of the spring powered piston for each shot.

While perfectly accurate for non semi automatics – pump actions specifically, but also bolt and lever actions – this can be somewhat tedious for some as each shot needs the shooter to rack a slide or pull back a hammer, etc.

Again, these will be the cheapest and simplest of airsoft. Ideal for starting out, beginners, or simply having around for idly plinking.

However, spring powered guns can be upgraded to have heavier firing springs for greater velocity and consequently longer range. Therefore, it is not unusual to see some high end bolt action “sniper” rifles powered by springs.

Popular entry level companies include Crossman, while Japanese and Chinese companies offer some upper level models. However, the overwhelming majority of them will be made largely of plastic and not be very durable for rough play.

  • Pros: Cheap and affordable, easy to use, good airsoft gun for training.
  • Cons: Most are cheaply made, accurate only to about 10 feet or so and are a bit tedious to use rapidly.

Battery, or Electric powered

These are the second most common type of Airsoft guns. They are popular because they are capable of semi automatic as well as full automatic fire: thus the name Automatic Electric Guns (AEG).

This style is subdivided into three categories: low, medium electric and blowback. They generally run off of a rechargeable battery and are provided with a charger.

The low powered versions are again the cheapest: suitable for people looking to just play around indoors for target shooting or perhaps some very informal games. They do not have very impressive range, keeping generally to or under the 200 feet per second (fps) mark. Like the simple spring powered guns, these are entry level, good for beginner training.

Medium electrics are considered the entry level for shooters looking to get involved in some airsoft play. There is a bit more metal used in their construction, lending it some weight and ability to withstand a bit more abuse. Many models are also equipped with a “hop up” feature to provide maximum velocity when not simply target shooting – which consumes less battery strength. Some models are also able to be upgraded with new gear boxes, or even a larger battery pack, to provide more power and a higher cyclic rate of fire.

Electric Blowback are very popular with enthusiasts because they have an action that simulates the real firearm, adding a sense of realism to the shooting experience. While the blowback action only sometimes has anything to do with the actual cycling of the firing mechanism, it does use up a portion of the electricity. As a consequence, these guns tend to get fewer shots off of a battery charge.

  • Pros: Many are still cheap and affordable but the price expands from there.  The better quality ones are acceptable for Airsoft sports and have further internal and external upgrade options.
  • Cons: Attention should be given to battery quality, separately to the gun.  There are a lot of clones of top quality AEGs, and new ones crop up regularly.  Talking to a dealer is a good idea.

Gas powered guns 

It run off of CO2 or “green gas” stored in an internal tank, in the magazine usually. With enough spare parts (magazines and gas cannisters), these can very closely mimic the function of “real” firearms. They have the weight and feel of their real gun counterparts. However, for use in airsoft games, many shooters find the automatic electric guns to be more reliable, have a higher capacity and perform more consistently over a longer period of time. In such cases, a gas powered pistol is sometimes kept as a backup.

Hybrid airsofts, both gas and electric powered, install the 6mm pellet into a casing, to simulate the use of real firearms and their spent cases. These tend to be too expensive for airsoft games, though they do have a market in re-enactments, especially for World War II, where simulated fire, including spent cases being ejected, is desired.

  • Pros: Top of the line airsoft products, providing ultra realism even to and including re enactment quality reproductions.  And no licenses required.
  • Cons: The cost.  But if you can afford it, these are what Airsofts look like in the movies.

List of Best Airsoft Guns by Purposes

In general, because of cost and availability factors, most people will be more experienced with the spring, electric and gas powered versions. Which type is ideal? Well again, it depends upon the purpose.

In all cases, shooters should consider required gear: at the very least a pair of goggles, if not a complete mask is exceedingly wise. A pellet trap is an important tool also to reduce ricochets and collect the pellets for reuse if possible: but mostly to keep them from rolling everywhere. If participating in airsoft games, a helmet with a mask of some sort is ideal also. While most airsoft guns max out at 400 feet per second, that 6mm pellet still can be quite dangerous to the face, as it will leave welts through moderate to even thick clothing.

In all cases, shooters should consider required gear: at the very least a pair of goggles, if not a complete mask is exceedingly wise. A pellet trap is an important tool also to reduce ricochets and collect the pellets for reuse if possible: but mostly to keep them from rolling everywhere. If participating in airsoft games, a helmet with a mask of some sort is ideal also. While most airsoft guns max out at 400 feet per second, that 6mm pellet still can be quite dangerous to the face, as it will leave welts through moderate to even thick clothing.

Considering beyond the realm of airsoft sports, there are other purposes Airsoft can be considered for.

1. Best Airsoft Guns for Training

Indoor training is a must for anyone who wants to proficient with a firearm. Most airsoft guns fail to come close to approximating the weight and feel, let alone the sound and recoil of a real firearm, however, even the cheapest spring powered plastic gun is suitable for learning to respect firearms, develop hand-eye coordination and developing muscle memory for the tasks of handling a real firearm.

They are also ideal for teaching children and novices in the comfort of one’s home without the noise or other distractions that may prove anxiety inducing while trying to impress upon a new shooter the basics of safety and skills.

Any of the above type of airsoft firing mechanisms can fill that role, the only limitation is cost. Most of the models in this range are lightly made, for controlled circumstances, and are therefore very affordable:

Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol

Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol

Crossman’s Stinger is a fine example of what is available for such a purpose. Also available in clear plastic which is less “menacing” for new shooters who are on the fence about participating in the sport. Rated up to 325 fps, it is more likely going to average in the 200-250 fps range. There are hundreds of similar types and styles available for an investment of $25 of less.


  • Cost and good for developing hand-eye coordination.


  • Single shot, and fairly light weight which is a minus for taking abuse and training.

For beginners or just fooling around, the Stinger really cannot steer you wrong with its low investment. For anything more than basics, however it will quickly become somewhat less thrilling

BBTac Airsoft Gun Package

BBTac Airsoft Gun Package

Kits such as those offered by BBTac provide a healthy dose of variety in different style of guns but are in general, under the plastic mold, the same type of firing mechanism. But for training and keeping aesthetic interest, they are attractive, especially if there are multiple “shooters” looking to practice.


  • variety variety variety.


  • They virtually all have the same internals and are not terribly well made and can break easily.

Kits like this are truly a quantity over quality type purchase. If there are multiple people interested in just starting out, this is a reasonable purchase. Otherwise, the money can go to something better.

Black Ops 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

Black Ops 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

Black Ops 1911 uses CO2 canisters to fire pellets at 350 fps, but also to cycle the action. That along with its weight, thanks to a mostly metal construction, give this model a certain flare. As a trainer, the realistic functioning adds a further level of realism many shooters enjoy and even take a little bit of pride in.


  • A big step forward in realism and usually quality. Better weight gives more realism and it “acts” like a real firearm.


  • Price starts to come into play here. Also, varying temperatures plays havoc with the gas canisters causing the shooter to experience wide variances in power from one shot to the next.

Gas blowback guns are fun. There is really no other way to say it. They feel more realistic, they act realistic, there is a sense of energy that comes from these that just is not present in an electric gun. Even if you have just one in your Airsoft arsenal, this item, or one like it, is well worth the purchase.

UKARMS P2300 Spring Airsoft Gun

UKARMS P2300 Spring Airsoft Gun

UKArms gives revolvers a chance with this Colt Python clone using cartridge inserts to fire the plastic pellets. As far as a training tool, this is actually quite handy and keeps the fact that wheelguns are still quite relevant in the age of ubiquitous semiautos.


  • Realism in loading each shot and ejecting the “empties,” this is another good representative of a training piece.


  • Not ideal for Airsoft games simply because of capacity. Everyone else is running around with dozens if not hundred BB capacity mags, six shots is going get old fast.

This is an item that offers a nice alternative to the typical plastic bb pellets being sprayed out with. The loading and ejecting of cases adds a level of realism that virtually all other pellet guns lack. Whether or not that difference is appreciated will depend almost entirely on the attitude of the user. UK Arms is one of the best airsoft brands.

Some of my thoughts:

  • From a training perspective, models like the P311 has the feel and sights of a 1911 style pistol.  The same can be said for most of the other handgun models.
  • The necessity of racking the slide for every shot helps conserve ammo and encourage the shooter to make each shot count rather than “spray and pray” with a semi auto or full auto Airsoft gun. 
  • Where the real benefit comes into play is the hand eye coordination: with proper training to learn breathing techniques, work on stance etc.  The opportunity to focus upon the true basics without having new shooters who are a bit anxious at handling a “real” gun.

A few drawbacks of Training Airsoft Gun:

  • The weight.  There is no getting around it, it is a light gun which translates into a sense of being made cheaply.  It is not made for competitive play. 
  • The need for having to cock it for every shot gets tedious at times: again for training purposes, it is good, but shooters who advance will tire of it quickly.


Spring powered, rack and shoot Airsoft guns have a place for training both for real guns and airsoft.  That place is at the very beginning: as an introductory piece for new or young shooters to get the basics of firearm safety as well as learning how to shoot just airsoft in general.  They are well priced for being a primer, and buyers do want to be aware of a lot of cheaply made products, but otherwise, for the purpose they serve having to replace them will not generally break the bank.

2. Pest Control

With the exception of the expensive, simulator type Airsofts, most are generally designed for inside use for play. As such they are not rated to fire any faster than 350 feet per second.  Those intended for outside play generally max out at 450 feet per second.  The plastic pellets they fire have relatively little mass, generally .20 grams, and as such low muzzle energy.  

They can sting, to be sure, and pose a very real threat to the face, especially the eyes. But for dealing with varmints or household pests, a healthy dose of common sense should apply.

For indoors use, one should be very aware of ricochets.  Gunning after flies or spiders may be a fool’s errand.

Shooting animals, especially household pets, is a form of animal cruelty.  Shooting squirrels off of your birdfeeder can also be considered a form of cruelty and a chargeable offense.

Assuming an animal takes a hit on the body, it will probably sting and momentarily drive the animal off. However, it is just as likely to bring charges of abuse and even a firearms charge, even though Airsofts are not considered, legally, firearms.

Even the most robust of Airsoft guns are unlikely to dispatch a squirrel.  If the objective is to defend the hanging bird feeder, even a cheap spring loaded pistol may do.  Anything more intimidating will certainly raise the question of intent.  But making oneself aware of local laws would certainly be wise.


  • If the point is to scare off marauding varmints getting into the corn or bird feeder, virtually any airsoft gun will work in driving off an already timid creature. 
  • For anything over 10 pounds / 18 kilos may require something over 300 fps to realize something is hitting them. And also: moving target. 
  • It is probably illegal.  In some districts, VERY illegal. 
  • If the animal feels trapped, or worse - is rabid, an airsoft is a woefully inadequate defensive tool.

In a pinch, wanting to drive off the infernal squirrel from the bird feeder, a small airsoft pistol…. or sub machinegun, may prove very cathartic.  But it is NOT recommended.  Especially in print.

3. Best Airsoft Guns for Collecting and Reenacting

Both purposes are grouped here because the same products fulfil either inclination. Quite a few of the more expensive models have features very similar to real guns without those pesky permit requirements or, in most cases, legal restrictions. This makes them appealing, especially in models that are prohibitively expensive because of their rarity, such as curios & relics such as Lugers, “Broomhandles”, “tommy” guns, etc.

For those aspiring to have a gun room or a collection of any sort, often airsoft replicas may be the most obvious choice.  Such is the case in very restrictive communities, such as Japan for example, where the gas powered and most realistic models are quite popular, and of course become more expensive.

Legends Blowback P08 CO2 Pistol Kit

Legends Blowback P08 CO2 Pistol Kit

Legend’s offering of the iconic PO8 Luger has metal construction and gas powered blow back action. One of the most unique features of the toggle action which these models duplicate. And while more expensive than other blow back models, they are still a fraction of the cost of an authentic Luger pistol. The point is even made more manifest when considering an even rare variant: the Navy Luger by WE.


  • The Luger was not the best military sidearm ever made, but it is nothing if not iconic. The fact that this model duplicates the toggling action just ups the cool factor exponentially. Also, the Luger design points very naturally.


  • The main problem of the real world Luger was that it was sometimes temperamental, especially if not well cared for. Many report the Airsoft replicas duplicate that realism as well.

This is another piece that is just neat to have because it is different.  The toggle action versus the blowback slide action is perhaps the closest to an operating Luger many of us will ever have.

Matrix Full Metal MG42 Airsoft

Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol-min

Among the rare style of firearms in the world, the German designed MG42 squad machinegun is a perfect example of something that is well nigh impossible to obtain for the average individual. But the metal construction and attention to detail can impress virtually anyone. Well constructed for play as well as collecting, such products represent the pinnacle of airsoft technology.


  • It’s an MG42. That operates like an MG42: spraying out a lot of BBs in a short amount of time.


  • It’s large, it goes through a lot of BBs and the cost.

This is a large piece, a copy of a crew operated weapon. As such, it is not likely to be one of the first pieces an Airsoft warrior will get for running and gunning. While the rate of fire may be impressive, the size and weight part of the equation may not level out. But it IS a neat conversation piece.

Thompson M1A1 Airsoft

Soft Air Thompson M1A1 AEG

Collector or novelty pieces need not be large or gas powered. This Thompson M1 sub machinegun clone offers a quality representative at a price that gives the opportunity to re enact or keep as a prop piece.


  • Feel and weight are very similar to that of an M1 Thompson. Quality is also very well done.


  • The weight is actually almost detrimental in an Airsoft game for rate of fire and capacity equal to other models that are smaller and lighter. But still, there’s a certain amount class to a Thompson.

This is another product that is neat for what it looks like than what it is.  The novelty of this replica, and others like it is what attracts people to them for collecting more than for running and gunning.


  • These items are designed for, and in many cases by, collectors, so the realism is going to really be impressive. 
  • In addition to realism, these items are also typically made with the intent to be used in reenactments: that is to say carried and used on the run.  Cheap plastics will not be the norm but metal and durable polymers designed to take some use and abuse.  
  • For people who are looking to collect representative pieces of historical or even prohibited firearms, Airsoft replicas may be the best, if not only, option.
  • The biggest drawback of these replica firearms is usually going to be the price.  In many cases, they may rival or even exceed replica firearms chambered in .22 LR.  While real guns should not be fired indoors without serious safety measures in place and never fired at other “players”, this type of Airsofts can cause serious sticker shock.

These models of Airsoft products are top of the line, if you are interested in playing with the best and expect big things from your Airsoft equipment, this is the level you will be considering. Entry level buyers will likely not be getting these at the start, but for those who have been bitten by the bug, obtaining a piece of this quality.

4. Airsoft games

Returning to the Airsoft games themselves, participants in any sort of competition will want as many advantages as possible.  While spring powered guns are a low investment for plinking and training around the house, teaching real firearm skills without “upsetting the neighbors,” as it were.

In battle, however, with the exception of the maximum spring strength rifles, the need to manually cock the gun for each shot can be somewhat tedious, especially when under fire from AEGs spewing fourteen or more pellets a second. 

Sure, they are better than not having anything at all, but if playing against others is your game, electric guns will likely be the way to go.

Black Ops M4 Viper Mk5 Airsoft

Black Ops M4 Viper Mk5 Airsoft AEG Rifle

Black Ops Viper M4 is a good example of the many AEG clones of the M16/M4 style rifle that many airsoft warriors may select. With hop up features already installed, and multiple mounting points for accessories, just like its real gun inspiration, the price point and options for internal upgrades to the battery and gearbox, this is a good entry level combat rifle.


  • Like the “real” rifle, the AR series have a lot of aftermarket mods, the airsoft models are no different, especially with the wealth of internal mods available.


  • There are a lot of clones of a variety of quality from very low to very high such as the next model discussed.

The widespread use of this style of AEG alone speaks to their popularity and adaptability to upgrades. As an entry level or build up, they have a lot to speak for them. One of the best airsof AEG on the market.

AR/M4 clone AEG Airsoft

Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol-min

On the other side of the spectrum are offerings such as by Evike, with all the trimmings of an AR/M4 clone in a platform with a price tag that comes close to rivalling the real thing. With such a wide variety of product qualities available, again the only limit appears to be limits of one’s charge card.


  • This really is an example of a top quality AEG with upgrades and custom possibilities.


  • In addition to a fair number of clones of inferior quality, the primary drawback of these items is the price.

This is a representative of what the “professionals” may have in their arsenal. It is not entry level unless the entry person has more money than they know what to do with.

AK47/AK74 style AEG Airsoft

Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

AK47 or AK74 style AEGS are of course also well represented running similar spectrums of quality and adaptability. The quality differences not only offer price and optional upgrade difference, but also on how robust the models are.


  • From a popularity point of view, the AK type rifle is just as popular as the M16 styles, and there are a lot of aftermarket mods for both externals and internals.


  • Again, the number of inferior clones out there can distract from the quality pieces available. Talking to an informed dealer will behoove the novice buyer.

This is another common type seen in middle level competition as well as for collectors.  The wood models add more weight and realism.  Their commonality speaks to their reliability and performance.

Grenade Style Airsoft

Grenade Style Airsoft BB Loaders

Airsoft sports also have available grenades. Despite the obvious appeal of such weapons in combat, they are not often used.  For one thing, throwing a weapon away and needing to recover it later can cause unnecessary distraction.  For another, grenades can bounce, as can the BBs they release.  At present, the technology for BB grenades has improved, but not yet to the point of being a primary or common tool.


  • Like the replica Airsofts coveted by collectors and reenactors, these types may be the only options available in restricted areas or by restricted personnel. 
  • The quality is also going to be top notch: a cheaply made airsoft of poor quality will quickly be relegated to low AEG status and not promoted in the Airsoft sports.
  • Again like the reenactor, or replica pieces, the biggest drawback of these products is the price. 

What Makes a Best Airsoft Gun?

This is a difficult question to answer because, in addition to the variety of Airsoft products available, there is also a variation in applications on top of personal preferences. The simplest answer is a good Airsoft gun is the one that works for you.  For target shooting of any real value, a strength of at least 200 FPS is recommended, this allows some distance at a flat trajectory of at least 7-10 yards.  Certainly the pellet will travel further, but most lose velocity - and therefore accuracy – fairly quickly.

A better answer will be an Airsoft that can serve multiple purposes: good for training, target shooting, Airsoft play and even have a premium of details to it that serves as a replica firearm.  A blowback (gas or electric) handgun of some sort is very popular for this multi service role.


1. Airsoft gun vs Paintball

Airsoft should not be confused with paintball guns, while there have been some 6 mm pellets loaded with paint. Paintball, in the US, is by comparison about .68 caliber (around 18mm) and use compressed gas exclusively as firing system.

While much of the personal protection gear between the two are similar, masks and goggles and the like, paintball is a sport exclusively for war game type competitions while Airsoft can be used for other applications while paintball is almost exclusively used for games of tag.

2. Airsoft gun vs BB gun

Similarly, Airsoft should not be confused with BB or metallic pellet air guns.  In fact several states treat BB and pellet guns as actual firearms for legal and registration purposes.  Though Federally there is a difference between cartridge fired guns and any airgun (or indeed even cartridge firearms made before 1898 and black powder firearms), several states have laws governing BB guns and a few are even entertaining similar legislation for Airsoft. 
While many BB guns still fire at a slow muzzle velocity, 400 fps and fire a smaller pellet: BBs are 4.5mm and .22 cal pellets are 5.5mm, the pellets and BBs are metal, heavier and therefore have greater energy behind them.  These can in fact wound or kill small animals and even cause serious injury to people.  Therefore Airsoft fills a niche’ that other airguns cannot: indoor training and games.

3. Airsoft gun vs Nerf gun

Nerf, as a brand name but also for like type products from other companies, are exclusively for play.  The foam or plastic darts can be used for target shooting but are mostly used for games of tag.  While wearing a pair of safety glasses is advisable, the actual risk of dangerous injury with a Nerf is very slight.  Nerf are also used as mock ups for costume player (cosplay) or costumes.  Airsoft still offers more realism for collectors along and real life skills for trainers.

4. Airsoft gun vs Real gun

Airsoft, as discussed above, an be used for training with real guns.  In such cases, the respect given to Airsoft equipment should be just as precise as real guns: the goal is to prepare new shooters with the skills and know how to be successful with a real firearm.  The added bonuses are, of course, there are few areas that require Airsoft guns to be registered or users to be registered as owners.  Still, the ubiquitous orange “plug” or band on the muzzle of most Airsofts should not be relied upon to convince casual observers that your Airsoft replica is in fact NOT a real gun.  So responsible and sensible use – and especially transportation - of an Airsoft can be vitally important.  Especially in areas that have restrictive laws, and therefor little understanding or patience for anything gun related.


  • Question: can airsoft guns shoot metal bbs?

Answer: Suffice it to say that there are a great many options for Airsoft consumers, different styles and models for every inclination. With so much variety, it is easy to get confused or slide into electric BB guns. In fact with an ignitions system that is so similar it may even be tempting to assume that airsoft and electric bb guns are the same. This is a dangerous thing to do. While Federal law recognizes both plastic BB and steel bb (.177” caliber) air guns as “non guns,” several states do not, and anything that fires a metallic pellet is considered an honest to goodness firearm. While the merits of such laws can be questioned, their enforcement and prosecution should not.

  • Question: Is airsoft gun a toy?

Answer: Airsoft sports and products offer a great many alternatives to shooters from novice to expert as well as enthusiasts from plinker to collector. While it is tempting to think of them as toys, it is contingent upon each participant to act responsibly and respectfully to both the “guns” and to everyone and everything around them. In a world where mass shootings are highly publicized, it is irresponsible to leave an airsoft, or wear one, in public where anyone can mistake it as a real gun.

It is equally inadvisable to trust that the orange plug on the muzzle of most (but not all) airsoft guns will advertise it as little more dangerous than a rubber band. These are strange and tense times we live in, and alternative non-guns offer a reasonably safe and versatile means of participating in the shooting sports. That safety does not preclude a sense of responsibility from the participants. Treat every gun as if it is loaded, and treat every firearm copy as if it were real before people who have no reason to know any better. Fortunately, Airsoft is a good way to teach them better and that the real joy in getting involved is being able to knock over a can or knock down a target consistently and safely. After all, isn’t the point to have fun?

  • Question: Is Airsoft legal?

Answer: In most cases, yes, though local governments have the right, and power, to legislate differently from the norm, and it is up to the individual to ensure they are not violating any laws, especially not violating any “firearm” laws.  It has been established above that Airsoft are not considered “firearms” on the Federal level, but local legislatures are not always known for their compliance to higher courts.  A brief consultation with local ordinances is always advisable.   Public display of Airsoft can equally lead to a call to the local authorities and treatment as a potential terrorist.  As with all things firearms related, responsibility should always be the watchword of the day.

  • Question: How strong are airsoft guns


Airsoft products come in a variety of shapes and sized for different purposes.  Since the products, and their uses, have withstood the test of time exceeding the typical period of a fad, it is safe to say that they are going to be around for some time.  This longevity stems from the multiple purposes and applications for which Airsoft can be used.  For training and competition even the simplest and cheapest models can serve.  For collections and reenactments, higher priced alternatives will dominate, and gain interest based on their quality and attention to details.  But the most popular versions are the electric models of various quality.

AEGs, or Airsoft Electric Guns fill the need for Airsoft games, or tag, or simply tactical wargames.  The best models for these applications are the ones that offer both “hop up” options or have the ability to replace their motors with higher output and velocity.  These are the most popular products when one considers Airsoft.

Yet for collectors, electric guns do not always offer the realism and details they seek.  While legal restrictions may prevent people from owning real guns, CO2 or “Green Gas” guns offer a sense of realism they can get virtually nowhere else.  Meanwhile, the cheaper spring-loaded guns offer an alternative to novices and people just looking to “plink” for pleasure.

These are the multiple roles that are sheltered under the umbrella of Airsoft.