CZ 75 Compact Review: The Steel Framed Czech Pistol for the fanboys!

CZ 75 Compact Review

Handgun Review: CZ 75 Compact Check Price at Brownells at Cabela’s ErgonomicsProbably the best in the market because of its easy to hold grip and angel AccuracyThe holding angel and the target results make it precision ready and accurate ReliabilityIt passed the ultimate reliability test – the maximum reloads on the range and up to … Read more

CZ 75 Review: The Steel Framed Czech Pistol which is better than a Steel Framed American Pistol!

CZ 75 Review

Handgun Review: CZ 75 ErgonomicsLoses a point because of its long and heavy double action trigger AccuracySights are small, air between the rear and front sight makes it possible to make mistakes ReliabilityIt passed the ultimate reliability test – bore all the cheap Tula steel cases we could muster CustomizationBeing a rail less gun, customization … Read more

Best AR-10/.308 Lower Receiver: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best AR-10 Lower Receiver

NATO BATTLE ArmaLite (AR) rifles are much loved as they are excellent in performance and offer excellent customization options. You can enhance performance by paying attention to the lower receiver. It plays a vital role in assembling components including magazines, stocks, and barrels. Moreover, the right lower receiver can also improve grip and control. You will find … Read more

6.5 Creedmoor vs .300 Winchester Magnum: What is better choice for you?

6.5 Creedmoor vs .300 Winchester Magnum

Looking for the primary differences between 6.5 Creedmoor and .300 Win Mag? In this article, we will cover a brief history of each cartridge and then compare the two. The rounds will be reviewed in depth, and will be compared in terms of size, ballistics, accuracy, price, availability, weapons available, and reloading ability. Lastly, we will give some … Read more