Ruger EC9s Review: The Best Deal In Handguns

Ruger EC9s Review

Handgun Review: Ruger EC9s Check Price at ErgonomicsIt is a slim grip, which may be somewhat uncomfortable to those with large hands, but the grip surfaces have a mild ribbing to help ensure a comfortable and reliable purchase while firing even hot loads. The safety is small but easy … Read more

Ruger American Predator Review: very Impressive Bang for the Buck Rifle

Ruger American Predator Review - Featured Image

Rifle Review: Ruger American Predator Check Price at Brownells at Cabela’s at Basspro ErgonomicsAn easy to manipulate bolt and the availability of stock blocks to alter the length of pull make the Ruger a wonderful choice for off the rack shooting. The flush mounted magazine has a potentially awkward release forward of the mag, but … Read more