Here are Best Scout Rifles Adhere Almost Perfectly to Jeff Cooper’s Vision

Best Scout Rifle

Jeff Cooper certainly wrote and spoke like he knew the popularity of his concepts would be permeating shooting culture long after he died. Among his most pervasive concepts is the scout rifle. The best scout rifle adheres almost perfectly to Cooper’s vision which was originally an homage to scouts who had been very successful years … Read more

The Best .30-06 Rifles: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best .30-06 Rifles

The big game cartridge known as the .30-06 hasn’t always been just a game cartridge. The 1906 introduction of the cartridge was specifically geared towards the military use spectrum. It was quite effective for the use. It stayed on as an American classic, capable of taking most of the game in North America because of … Read more

Best .357 Sig Pistol: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best .357 Sig Pistol

The .357 Sig is an exceptional cartridge for duty and personal protection use. The size of the cartridge and the impressive ballistic performance of the cartridge make it hard to beat. In choosing a .357 Sig Pistol, you may consider looking through our article on the best .357 Sig Pistol, which showcases the current market … Read more