Best Rifle Bipod For The Money: Long Range Shooting, Hunting Ready!

Best Rifle Bipod - Featured Image

The best rifle bipod list below offers some fine hardware for long range shooting whether it be for tactical, competition, hunting or other purposes. While all bipods are certainly not created equally, it doesn’t mean that you have to purchase an expensive bipod to get the job done. But it is clear too, that more often than … Read more

14 Best Long Range Rifles For Hunting – Tactical And Competition Shooting

Best Long Range Rifle - Featured Image

The title “best long range rifle” means something different than it did 50 years ago; 100 years ago; even 10 years ago.With advancement in ballistics and engineering, and more importantly, perhaps, tooling, data modeling along with a more connected consumer base, the long range rifle of today can do different things than the long-range rifle … Read more