The Best Assault Rifle Style Firearms That A Civilian Can Buy

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Table of Contents What is an assault rifle?What are some other classical assault rifles?The best assault rifle style firearms that a civilian can buy This article tackles a loaded topic: the conversation about the misnomer “assault rifle”. There will be some reviews of centerfire semi-automatic rifles available to the general public, but we do take … Read more

Best All Around Shotgun: Buying Guide & Reviews

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To choose a best all around shotgun is a difficult proposition. So many different ideas exist surrounding the concept of what a shotgun is, that it’d be a real challenge to tell people what they should buy, when so many already have such varied ideas as to what makes sense.Nevertheless, there are some special shotguns … Read more

Glock 23 review: Gen 3 vs Gen 4

Glock 23 Review

By Volume, the Glock 23 3rd and 4th generation pistols are among the most popular in the entire Glock portfolio, thanks to such a huge footprint in the law enforcement community. This is a Glock 23 review: Gen 3 vs. Gen 4 and a basic overview of the Glock 23 and its prowess as a personal … Read more

Best .410 Shotgun: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best .410 Shotgun

This is an article about the best 410 shotgun on the market. It needs very little introduction and very little overview, because the .410 has been bred into the best niche, yet mainstream caliber in the shotgun market.It is both a perfect shotgun for new shooters and youth, but also a perfect shotgun for many … Read more