Best Striker Fired Pistol: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Striker Fired Pistol

The best striker fired pistol title is harder to pick, now more than ever, as the market is full of quality striker fired firearms that have excellent duty records in a large variety of scenarios. This is a list of the best striker fired pistols on the market. In order to understand the qualities of each of … Read more

Best Semi Auto Shotgun: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Semi Auto Shotgun

We’ve got a list for semi-auto shotgun enthusiasts that we think segments the market well, to help you find your next favorite semi-auto shotgun based on your specific needs. This is that list. We are showcasing the best semi-automatic shotguns on the market. Because these types of shotguns are so prevalent and because each type of … Read more

Best Ruger Mini 14 Sight: Front and Rear Sights

Best Ruger Mini 14 Front and Rear Sights

If you’re looking for the best Ruger Mini 14 front and rear sights, odds are you’re not alone. Having the best sights for your rifle will no doubt give your accuracy a bit of a boost. There is no better accomplishment than having to fire off an accurate and precise shot from a good distance away. … Read more

Best 12 Gauge Shotgun: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best 12 Gauge Shotgun - Featured Image

Because it is one of the most popular guns in America, we won’t bore you with background details on the 12 gauge shotgun. Instead we have compiled a list of the best 12 gauge shotguns on the market. Below you will find the shotguns categorized by the following characteristics:Home Defense and Tactical ShotgunsRange ShotgunsHunting ShotgunsSpecialty … Read more