Deer Hunting with Handguns

Deer Hunting with Handguns

Hand gunning for deer might not seem like much of a challenge these days, considering the powerful big-bore handgun cartridges introduced the past few years. Some of those guns can shoot farther than and produce as much energy as favorite deer rifles of days gone by. The type of handgun you pick for deer hunting will … Read more

Best .338 Lapua Rifles on the market reviewed

Best .338 Lapua Rifles

The .338 Lapua cartridge was developed in the 1980s when the US military decided that it needed something in between the new standard sniper round, the .300 Winchester Magnum, and the .50 BMG for anti personnel and anti [light] vehicle work. The American company Research Armament Industries (RAI) proceeded to focus upon a necked down … Read more

Best .243 Rifles on the market: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best .243 Rifles

The .243 is considered a good entry level deer gun thanks to its relatively low recoil, but its real attraction is in its versatility. Depending on bullet weight, the cartridge is capable of taking on anything from ground hog sized varmints at medium to long range all the way up to mule deer at medium … Read more

Best 22LR Rifle: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best 22LR Rifle

The .22lr rifle has been a staple of American shooting culture for generations. In forms ranging from small youth rifles, to full size replicas of modern military arms, survival, target shooting, military training, recreational shooting, and even self defense, the .22lr rifle has earned a place in the hearts and gun safes of millions. This … Read more

Stoeger M3k Review: a 3-Gun ready semiautomatic shotgun

Stoeger M3k Review - Featured Image

Stoeger M3k 3-Gun Shotgun Review ErgonomicsThe M3K benefits from the competition guns that have come before it, especially those of Benelli from which the gun clearly uses as a stepping off point. While upgrading its control surfaces are recommended to improve time scores at the range, the gun points naturally and easily, is easy to … Read more